Three institutes (MEF*, DANSK** and TORS***) of the Faculty of Humanities at Copenhagen University, will start using Panopto from the fall semester 2017 for lecture capturing, flipped classrooms, and blended learning.

Guy Geffen, one of the representatives of the project at TORS (Department of Multicultural and Regional Studies), explains that the goal of the project is to be more “up to date” when it comes to teaching methods. Therefore, according to him, modern teaching methods such as flipped classrooms, blended learning, and lecture capture, should be an obvious part of teaching these days.

One of the major use cases for the use of video is recorded lectures, where it is expected that lecture recordings could potentially assist students to better perform in their exams, by giving them the possibility to reflect on the material learned during the long semester.

Lecturers who joined the project, sincerely believe, that video is a good additional tool for assisting the students and by that better their learning process – they can review the lectures at their own pace and time, according to their individual needs.

Mr. Geffen, who teaches language at the University of Copenhagen, believes that “language learning is learning by doing”. However, according to him, they are facing an issue at the university, where they only have approx. 8 hours per week, for the different language studies at TORS. This makes it very difficult for those students who are enrolled in language studies, to achieve optimal learning and perform well at the exams.

As part of the project, teachers will be able to apply flipped classrooms and blended learning methods by using Panopto’s video solution. These methods will hopefully free more time from the 8 teaching hours available, for more hands-on and learning by doing, as mentioned by Mr. Geffen.

„We believe flipped classroom will give us the extra time needed for teaching in the classroom“.

Students can watch the video at their convenience, that giving more time for exercising and training in the classroom together with the teacher.

As for lecture recordings, Mr. Geffen also mentions the additional service, which this provides to the international students, helping and giving them more flexibility in their studies at the University of Copenhagen.

There are several other ideas of how to use Panopto’s video solution, where one of them is to have students produce their own videos – f. ex. submitting their assignments or presentations in video format by using Panopto’s mobile app and recording software (PC or Mac), which makes the handing-in of video assignments, a straightforward process.

Participants of the project are highly excited about trying these new methods of teaching, using a video solution that can cover many of those use cases.

The project will officially take place from June 2017 to January 2018, with the goal of evaluating those new teaching methods and Panopto’s video solution.

* Institut for Medier, Erkendelse og Formidling – Department of Media, Recognition and Communication

** Bachelor i dansk – Bachelor of Danish

*** Institut for Tværkulturelle og Regionale Studier Københavns Universitet – Department of Multicultural and Regional Studies

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