At the annual Panopto conference this year we were introduced to some new features with the 6.0 update. The most exciting being the new analytics suite.

It’s no secret that Panopto’s focus is on massively scaling the production of video content. Recorder ease-of-use and searchable libraries have been key to this growth so far. Last year Panopto saw a 150% growth rate in new recordings, topping out at 5 million. Here at Viducon, we have seen similar rates with over 40,000 videos produced last year.

To help users grow their libraries support administrators and content producers will have access to new analytics features that bring viewer trends and audience behavior into focus. Rich visualizations gathered in a new dashboard show more useable and actionable data.

The analytics provide insights into the most popular videos as well as those that generate the highest engagement and most discussion. This information can be used to identify the most compelling or confusing topics as well as identifying trends in viewing behavior, including the reach and engagement of live events, as well as the degree of time-shifting among event views. And as with all updates, this number-crunching power is available to Panopto admins at no additional cost.