Panopto as a video platform

Panopto is an all-in-one user-friendly video platform that comes as a SaaS cloud software. The video platform is especially suitable for educational use. This can be both teaching of students at, for example, a university, but the software is to a large extent also used by commercial companies for the training of their employees.

With Panopto you can do it all with one tool. Record, edit, host and distribute your videos.


What can you do with a video platform like Panopto?

With Panopto you can:

  • Record videos via a swapped recorder. Panopto makes it easy to make both screenshots and videos.
  • Host all videos in one central and secure video library, VCMS.
  • Search for everything in the entire archive and down in the individual video – both the spoken and the written word (e.g. slides) via ASR (automatic speech recognition) and OCR (optical character recognition).
  • Live stream and record with one click.
  • Create distance learning, hybrid teaching, video on demand and vodcasts.
  • User-friendly software with editing, quiz function, etc.
  • Save recordings automatically.
  • Integrate with other systems (ex CMS systems like SharePoint and LMS systems like Moodle).
  • The solution works for both PC, Mac, smartphones and tablet.

Panopto is a SaaS cloud VCMS solution, with which you can:

Easily record video from multiple cameras, presentations and screens.

Deling af video med Panopto

Share videos

Share content securely with Panopto so specific people can access it.

Search your video library for specific video and an exact sequence.

Panopto afspil

Watch and view video

Broadcast live and on-demand and reach audiences on all types of devices.

Statistik med Panopto

Analyze & measure

Observe viewer behavior to ensure audience engagement.

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    Who is Panopto?

    Panopto was founded in Pittsburgh, as a tech spinout from Carnegie Mellon University. Today, the company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Panopto, which provides asynchronous communication software to educational institutions and companies, has 170 employees in 6 offices worldwide and serves 10 million end users worldwide. We have been working with Panopto since 2014, and we know that their employees always do their utmost to service their customers.


    Panopto functions

    With Panopto you can search for any spoken and written word in any type of video. Record, share, livestream securely from a secure video library. In addition, there is also integration with LMS, CMS and much more.

    Try Panopto

    Try Panopto for free and without obligation for 30 days. With a free trial period, you can assess free of charge whether the video platform will fit into your organization. We are available with questions during the period.


    Secure cloud-based VCMS with access for authorized users. Configured group access and single sign-on support two-way synchronization of credentials.