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Hihaho - engage with interactive videos

Make your videos click! With a user-friendly video platform like hihaho, you can easily create interactive videos. With this SaaS cloud software you can place separate layers on top of your own videos, insert interactions, logos, questions, “skip ahead” buttons and much more. With interactive videos, you engage the viewer more, because the viewer has to do more than just press ‘play’. This also means that the viewer gets a better experience of the video and can more easily remember the content afterwards. Add interactive features to instructional videos, e-learning courses, sales training or employee training.

Hihaho has integration with software such as Panopto, Qumo, Youtube, Vimeo and others, and you can therefore use the video material that already exists in the organization.

With hihaho, you can create great and engaging experiences for any device by adding interaction options to your videos. Surveys show that, with the help of interactive videos, you can boost your viewing time by 47 %.

What can you do with hihaho?

When it comes to technical features and functionalities, we dare say that hihaho belongs in the top tier of interactive video editors. For example you can

Do-it-yourself with 17 Interaction types

We’re certain that hihaho offers every functionality wished for by every customer. That is because we’re certain hihaho offers more interaction types than you need.

Easily add tables of content, pop-up menus, buttons, iframes, hotspots, pause screens, jumps, texts, images, sounds, scroll texts, highlights, ratings, linked videos or forms to your videos.

Check out our function page to discover the possibilities of each interaction.

Copy and paste interactions

You can copy and paste interactions in hihaho. This saves a lot of time when you’re creating a different version of a video, or creating multiple videos with the same structure.

Video platform integrations

Hihaho has integrations with video platforms such as Panopto, YouTube, Qumu, Mediasite, Vimeo, and many more. Therefore you can easily turn videos you uploaded on one of these platforms in the past to interactive videos in hihaho. Don’t have videos uploaded on these platforms yet? No problem. You can also directly upload your videos to hihaho. Discover all video platform integrations on hihaho’s homepage

Creating videos with layers

Hihaho places a separate interactive layer on top of your linear video. This way, you get optimal flexibility and freedom within your video. To name a few advantages of applying a separate interactive layer:

  • Easily organize your interactions that are displayed on the timeline of your video.
  • Create alternative versions of your video in no time, without having to re-add all interactions.
  • Enable or disable layers with one simple click, without having to delete any.
  • By placing all visual text in the interactive layer, you can create the same video in multiple languages without much effort.

Publishing and sharing your video

Interactive videos can be shared in multiple ways. For example, you can choose to publicly share your interactive video for everyone to see, so you can get as many views as possible. However, if you want to share your video with a select group, there are several ways to do so.

  • Only the people that receive the video URL from you are able to watch the video.
  • The video can only be embedded and displayed on a certain webpage.
  • The video can be displayed in an LMS by using a SCORM package or xAPI.

Secure embed

Interactive videos created in hihaho can be securely embedded on a website. This can be done in a way that ensures embedding is only possible on a certain webpage. It’s also possible to grant access to videos after the viewer completes a payment, by hosting them on a seperate domain.

Your own visual branding

Your hihaho player can be customized with colors and fonts of your branding. This way, the question interactions, interactive menus and the player itself will be displayed in your visual branding. Discover the branding options on hihaho’s homepage.

Who is hihaho?

Hihaho is a Dutch SaaS software company, founded in 2014, based in Assen in the Netherlands. The company has partnerships all over the world, at Viducon we represent hihaho in Denmark and Sweden. The company has been very successful in developing the innovative “do-it-yourself” SaaS software (hihaho) to create and distribute interactive videos for the purpose of engaging viewers. Hihaho wants to make creating interactive videos accessible to anyone, worldwide. Their employees are passionate about video, learning and interactive solutions for e-learning.


Large customers have already chosen hihaho interactive videos!

The use of interactive video for teaching and training is becoming more and more widespread. Hihaho, which stands for High Interactivity, High Attention Value and High Outcomes, is a global do-it-yourself SaaS platform for creating interactive videos. Hihaho’s customers include companies, educational institutions and government agencies – including Jaguar, ASML, TechData, University of Colorado Boulder, Open University of the Netherlands, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, Land Rover, Porsche and others.

See more hihaho customers here. Or enjoy the video ‘Interactive video: the next generation e-learning’ with hihaho’s CCO Jeroen Krouwels, where you can jump in the table of content.

Free trial period for hihaho interactive videos

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    Hihaho has integration with Panopto. With this integration, course providers and educators can create videos with interactive elements and highlight concepts, make E-learning more fun, and retain people’s attention.


    Increase viewing time by 47%. Make quizzes, questions, ‘skip’, highlight, zoom, scroll! Insert sound, music and pictures. Read more about all the great features the video platform hihaho can offer.

    User scenarios

    Hihaho can be used by all types of industries and educational institutions. Anyone can make instructional videos, training videos, onboarding videos and much, much more with the video platform hihaho.

    Try hihaho

    Get a free trial of hihaho. If your organization would like to test if hihaho can help you do better teaching through interactive videos, it is possible to get a free trial.

    Healthcare is interactive! How great is it that there are educational tools to combine visuals with interaction, in such a way that results in a learning experience that is of added value to the user. Hihaho provides this. To quote Cruijff: ‘You don’t see it until you notice it, and an interactive video definitely helps with that!’”

    Jelle Prins, Region Ambassador Medical and Nursing Training Programs
    University Medical Center Groningen (hihaho client)