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What is an interactive video platform?

– Hihaho

In the video, you try out how an interactive video works on hihaho’s interface.

Video solutions today

The application of video gains increasingly more ground in relation to education of students and training of employees. Production and distribution of video has by the use of digitalization become easier and more efficient. A long series of video solutions can make work easier for you, who seek to work professionally with video in relation to education. 

Video is applied as an integral pedagogic tool at many educational institutions. Digital education and distance teaching has also become a natural part of everyday life to many people. Flipped classrooms and blended learning have also gained attention during the past few years. 

The application of video for courses and training in businesses is also becoming increasingly pervasive. The reason may be that video is an efficient tool for communication of complex knowledge and detailed technical information in connection with employee training, onboarding of employees and knowledge sharing internally in organizations.  

Why video solutions?

Large and small-medium sized businesses can profitably apply video solutions for training and onboarding of employees, because:

  • There is a 75% higher chance that an employee will watch a video as opposed to read a document, an e-mail or an online article – Forrester Research 
  • Already 7 days after a course, the average employee has forgotten 65% of the material covered. This number rises to 90% after 6 months. Studies have shown, that if you add video to this, it will increase people’s ability to remember concepts and details – SAVO Group
  • 75% prefer watching a video instead of reading a text. 
  • 90% of all information that your brain captures is visual, and visual information is picked up 60.000 faster in our brain than text. 
  • Presentations including video are 9% more efficient than a text, if you test the comprehension right away. This tal rises over time to 83%, when the test is conducted at a later point  – Rusted and Coltheart
  • Businesses can save 50-70% by replacing education based courses with E-learning – IOMA 
  • Online learning provides a positive ROI within a year. If a company is spread across many locations, it makes perfect sense to implement online learning programmes from a business perspective – Forrester Research 
  • Knowledge retention goes up with 25-60% with E-learning – WR Hambrecht 
Video solutions in Denmark

Video as an integral pedagogic tool

  • The good video solutions (VCMS) can manage that all videos are hosted in one and the same spot, in order for students to easily find and search for relevant lectures, if they have not had an opportunity to participate, or if they are reading up for an exam. 
  • As a lecturer, it can be an advantage to make video preparations, as students or pupils can see, before they show up for class. Thereby, you as a lecturer can spend time discussing and engaging into interesting conversations rather than a type of one-way communication. Discussion of training material benefits the learning ability. 
  • Video can be applied to a wide extent for flipped class room and blended learning – it is essential to have a good video platform and equipment.


Panopto is a user-friendly cloud based video platform (SaaS) and VCMS solution, which makes it easy to record, organize, distribute and search in the organization’s video database.


Hihaho provides you the opportunity to add interaction options for all types of videos in order to make them interactive. It is time to make your videos clickable and make learning fun! Integration with Panopto, Vimeo, Qumu, Mediasite and more. 

Intelligent equipment

Using intelligent equipment, you can make employee training, courses and education interactive. Conduct online and hybrid training using camera robots following every movement of yours. 

Video in businesses

Video is applied by companies for employee training, education and onboarding, as well as corporate communication. Read more about the various user scenarios of video for businesses.