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Would your company or educational institution like to try out Panopto? Then you can get a free trial period for 30 days. The trial period is obviously non-binding.

In order to request a free Panopto trial, please fill in the form to the right. One of our employees will then get in contact to set a date for activation of the trial period.


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    What would you gain from a Panopto trial?

    If your organisation is looking for a video platform, it can be an advantage to try out different platform before making the investment. With a Panopto trial of 30 days, you will get a free and non-binding trial period. Before activating, we can offer a Panopto demo, where we can explain the different features.

    Panopto trial

    What is Panopto?

    Panopto is an all-in-one userfriendly video platform, primarily used to video based training. This could be for instance training, education, but is also ideal for after sales service and other situations where you need to explain things in an illustrative way to others. With Panopto You can both record, edit, host and distribute the videos!

    Via a Panopto trial you get the option to:

    • Record videos via web or a build in ‘recorder’
    • Host videos, videos are saved in a central and secure video liberary
    • Search on everything in the full archive and into each single video – both on the spoken and the written word via ASR (automatic speech recognition) and OCR (optical character recognition).
    • Live stream and record with just one click
    • Try out a user friendly software with both editing-, quiz function and more.