What is an LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software-based platform used to organize tasks and courses for learning purposes. Both global companies and educational institutions use an LMS, but in different ways depending on the need and size of the organization. Schools and universities use an LMS to organize subjects, teaching material and provide students with feedback on their assignments. Larger companies need an LMS to store material for onboarding- and training purposes for employees.

At Viducon, we sell the LMS, which in our opinion is the best for the use of teaching and training for employees or students. With an LMS like D2L Brightspace, you get a user-friendly solution that supports the needs of your company or educational institution.

What elements does a good Learning Management System consist of?

When it comes to finding the best learning technology for an organization, there are several factors that are important to be aware of. Of course, this also applies to an LMS.

  • Quality user experience: An LMS must be user-friendly no matter what type of device (computer, mobile or tablet) you access it from. This is important so that your staff or students do not have to struggle with a technical system when their focus is on learning.
  • Easy access for everybody everywhere: Whether you are in class, at work, on the train or sitting at home, you must be able to access your LMS from your mobile, tablet and computer.
  • Good integration with other systems: What makes an LMS easy to use is, among other things, that it works well with other IT systems that employees or students use on a daily basis. Therefore, you should be aware of whether there is easy integration between the learning management system and other programs you use in your organization. A tool such as Google Drive ™ should e.g. could continue to be used without it becoming cumbersome or requiring too much of the individual.
  • Bespoken teaching: We are all different and we all have individual learning needs. A learning management system needs to be flexible to oblige the needs of the individual student or employee.

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A good user experience

A good LMS is more than just an online platform for storing courses. It should support the learning experience for the individual staff member or student. Therefore, it is important that the system is flexible and can be adapted to each individual user in an organization, whether you are an employee, manager, teacher or student. It can be a challenge to find a learning management system that is flexible enough to accommodate every single person in an organization, but we are ready to help you find the right solution – there are some solutions that manage to tailor the learning process to the individual. The most important thing is to ensure a good user experience for everyone who has to work with an LMS on a daily basis.

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Brightspace by D2L

Brightspace is a user-friendly and flexible Learning Management System created by D2L, which focuses on improving the learning experience for millions of people at all stages of life, from the first days of school to working life.


Are you missing a video solution that can be integrated into your LMS? We also sell Panopto, which is a video platform that works well with the learning management system, Brightspace.

Video platform

Many companies have a video platform integrated into their Learning Management System. Read more about the types of video platforms available, and learn more about whether this is something your organization needs.

Interactive video

With an interactive video platform, you can easily create interactive videos. Use your existing video material and add an interactive layer. Get the videos to skip, rewind, click, pause, scroll, make ratings and more.