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    Panopto demo

    With Panopto, you’ve got a secure, mobile-ready video platform that will revolutionize the way you share knowledge and information. Panopto is the easiest way to capture information in a video, share it securely, and manage a growing library of searchable video-based knowledge assets — in one single platform.

    If your organization is looking for a video platform, it can be advantageous to test different video platforms before making an investment. Get a free and non-binding demo where we talk about the various Panopto features. Otherwise, you can read more about Panopto here.

    Hihaho demo

    We dare to say that hihaho belongs in the top tier of interactive video platforms when it comes to the technical part and its features. Want to know more about how to create interactive videos with the most advanced and user-friendly platform? Feel free to book our demo to find out more or read more about hihaho here.

    D2L Brightspace demo

    With Brightspace you can build better learning experiences. Personalise learning, increase engagement, and help learners achieve more than they imagined possible. D2L offers flexible and robust learning solutions for every stage of life, from the earliest days of school to higher education and the working world.

    Get a demo of the award winning Brightspace learning platform. One of our LMS experts will show you how schools and organizations around the world are building engaging, collaborative learning experiences fit for today’s modern learner. You can read more about D2L Brightspace here.

    Vevox demo

    Vevox is an engagement tool designed to increase interactivity and involve your participants. As a presenter, you present questions, answer options and results through a web browser. As a participant, you join via a web browser or the Vevox app. Polls, quizzes, surveys and Q&A sessions are all possible with Vevox whether you are face-to-face, for distance or hybrid learning, seminars, workshops, meetings or other events. You can read more about Vevox here.