Panopto funktioner

Panopto functions

Here you can read about a number of the standard functions of the video management system that Panopto has. Further down you can read about the many extra features and functionality you get when you implement Panopto.

Hosting: Panopto works as a VCMS solution for hosting – a central and secure video library for your company or educational institution. When you have finished recording, it is automatically uploaded to the cloud, so the presenter does not have to worry about doing this. Read more about hosting.

Security and implementation: As a leading video platform for some of the world’s largest companies and recognized universities, the company has invested heavily in product security – from how users log in to how videos are stored and delivered. The video platform provides multi-level security during storage and streaming. Read more about security and implementation. 

System integration: Learning management systems (LMS), content management systems (CMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems are not designed to handle videos. Panopto can solve that. Panopto has a wide range of integrations with systems such as Sharepoint, Cornerstone, Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace, SABA, Blackboard and SAP SuccessFactors. Read more about integrations.

Teams integration – access to core functions from Panopto in Teams
An important integration to mention is that Teams users can now use Panopto core functionality and workflows without ever leaving Teams. The integration allows users to securely search, play, share and manage their Panopto videos and meeting recordings, all within Teams. Built for learning, Panopto delivers fast, intuitive workflows that enhance the productivity of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 users. Teams users can now search for every word spoken or written in a Panopto video in their Teams and Microsoft 365 environments. Videos become visible along with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and other important digital assets.

Read more about Panopto Learning Workflows integrated into Microsoft Teams

How to enable Microsoft Teams integration into a Team.


Impressive features that go beyond a standard VCMS system

Here you can read about really smart features the video platform Panopto can offer.

Search function: The search function works in 18 different languages. Panopto automatically indexes all videos via ASR (automatic speech recognition) and OCR (optical character recognition). This allows you to search for everything in the entire library and down in each video – both the spoken and the written word (eg slides). This optimizes and streamlines work processes, allowing employees to quickly find the information they are looking for. The student can easily find information when the student, for example, reads up for the exam. Read more about the search function.

Recording and live streaming with one click: The presenter or teacher can easily record and live stream with just a single click. Read more about recording and lives streaming.

Multiple devices: Record and share with any device. Panopto works with both iOS and Android – PC, Mac, smartphones and tablet.

Multiple views: Via Panopto you can record with up to 5 inputs. This means that you can show the teacher and slides in one and the same view, but you can also show, for example, a machine from several angles. The user can decide which views he wants to page and look at the screen. This is a great advantage if, for example, you have to show complex processes.

Editing and quiz function: User-friendly online video editing with the ability to insert quizzes, notes, discussions and bookmarks.

Statistics: Panopto automatically generates statistics and gives you data on how many people have seen the various videos. This can be a help in terms of gaining an understanding of the staff’s or students’ needs in relation to specific material.

Search function

Streamline work processes. Search all types of videos via automatic speech recognition (ASR) and optical character recognition (OCR). In 20 different languages.


Store your organization’s videos in a secure video library. Panopto is a secure cloud based SaaS software and hosting solution (VCMS) organization’s video library.

System integration

Integration with CMS and LMS systems such as Sharepoint, Cornerstone, Canvas, Saba, Moodle, Blackboard, D2L etc. As well as an API that can be used for several integrations.

Record & livestream

Record and live stream with one click to any web browser and any device. Intuitive user interface makes it easy to start recording and live streaming.