What is a learning platform?

A learning platform is a website or portal for educational content and resources. It brings together everything students and staff need in one place. There are three types of learning platforms: LDS, LMS and LME.

LDS stands for Learning Destination Site. It is a website where many different course creators offer their teaching materials. You can choose the topics and instructors that sound appealing to you and enroll in an individual course based on your preferences.

LMS stands for Learning Management System. It is a software that is used internally in a specific organization or institution. LMS, like LDS, can be accessed online. It can also be accessed as a program you install on your computer or an app on your mobile. The creation of courses in this case is in the hands of the professors or anyone else who teaches in that organization or institution.

LME stands for Learning Management Ecosystem. It is a system of people, content, technology, culture and strategy that exists both inside and outside an organization. Everyone has an influence on both the formal and informal learning that takes place in the organization in question.

We sell and advise on the LMS called D2L Brightspace. If you want to know more about LMS in general, you can visit the LMS page. Otherwise, you are also welcome to jump directly to the page about D2L Brightspace.