Brightspace LMS for Corporate Training

D2L’s learning platform helps you create learning programs that help move the needle for your learners.

Deliver the solutions that help your organization and its target groups thrive

Take advantage of Brightspace in these four areas:

Employee Training – Align key competencies with business needs and provide employees with clear roadmaps for their development.

Customer Training – Give customers the training they need to get the most out of your products and services.

Partner Training – Make it easy to coordinate, organize and set up the training that can empower your partners to do great work.

Member Training – Enable and empower members with world-class continuing education they can access from the comfort of their couch.

Employee Training

Deliver targeted employee training programs that set people up for success with the Brightspace platform. In this way, you turn professional development into a competitive advantage. More than ever before, your organization must be able to deliver professional training and development programs that equip employees to expand their knowledge and upgrade their skills. It’s to help them – and your organization – stay one step ahead.

See below examples of upskilling, built-in analytics, expert support and intuitive and accessible training 👇 All ways to turn professional development into a competitive advantage.

Upskilling 1) Video Assignments

Give employees opportunities to practice and hone their skills and knowledge with Video Assignments. Peers and facilitators can even provide personalized feedback on submissions through audio, video or annotated documents.

Upskilling 2) Acknowledge progress

Acknowledge the progress employees make by giving them shareable awards and certificates.

Upskilling 3) HTML editor

Create unique content using tools with D2L’s built-in HTML editor, or import it directly into the Brightspace platform from content providers.

Upskilling 4) Library

Collect content in a single library to share and reuse resources—individual files, topics, or entire courses—across all your training programs.

Built-in analytics 1) Supports open standards and APIs

Connect your unique ecosystem. The Brightspace platform supports open standards and APIs, meaning it can work seamlessly with your organization’s existing technology team.

Built-in analytics 2) Competence-based offers

Transform courses into competency-based offerings by aligning competencies with content, triggering next steps based on performance, and using multiple assessment methods.

Built-in analytics 3) Data-based decisions

Explore built-in and advanced analytics that can help you understand the impact of your learning programs so you can make databased decisions.

Get expert support to launch and develop your program

From data gurus to the best within learning of natural science and engineering, our and D2L’s teams bring expertise that can help you improve results, happiness and performance.

1) Implementation Support – Start with your own unique success plan.

Together with you, our and D2L’s consultants can tailor a plan to help achieve your specific strategic goals. We help you improve engagement, retention and productivity and increase the potential to maximize your return on investment. Your success is our success.

2) Learning and Creative Services – Build skills and courses effortlessly

Need help building engaging courses? Confused about how to align the activities with skills to build expertise? Let us help. Our and D2L’s team of instructional designers can make your learning experiences effective and enjoyable. You’ll be amazed at the impact on your engagement surveys.

3) Strategy and Data Consulting – Keep your employee training programs on track

Be sure you are executing the right learning strategy. Turn your data into actionable insights. Do you want support to manage the day-to-day administration of your learning environment or optimize your use of the Brightspace platform? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Intuitive and accessible training 1) Flexible

Connect synchronously using integrated web conferencing and embed pre-recorded video clips into your courses to make learning asynchronous.

Intuitive and accessible training 2) WCAG 2.1

Help reach all learners with a platform that complies with the WCAG 2.1 standard and has features including a built-in accessibility control.

Intuitive and accessible training 3) Register easily

Empower learners to quickly self-search and enroll in the courses they need to improve their skills and complete the necessary training.

Intuitive and accessible training 4) Activity feed

Put important information—notifications, new content, recent discussions—front and center with the activity feed.

Intuitive and accessible training 5) Group

Create learning pathways that group courses into logical, easy-to-follow flows.

Customer Training

Help set clients up for success with flexible, engaging online training with the Brightspace platform. In this way, you expand and scale your customer training programs. You want your customers to love your products and services so they can effectively use and advocate for them, because when they succeed, so do you. Rely on the right LMS to offer training, virtual collaboration, and the option of certifications—easing customization and strengthening your brand. In addition, advanced e-commerce features can help you increase the profitability of your learning programs.

Partner Training

Help drive partner revenue and growth with the Brightspace platform. You do this by setting partners up for success with effective online training. Partners play a vital role in the growth of your business, but to be effective they must be equipped with the right skills and knowledge. A strong training program can be a competitive advantage, reduce costs, protect your brand and increase revenue. Help move partners efficiently from recruitment to productivity with Brightspace’s modern, personalized and scalable cloud-based technology and D2L’s expert services.

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Member Training

Engage your members in meaningful, flexible online learning experiences. It has never been more challenging to attract new members and retain current ones. We know your offers are unique and your training should reflect that. As your learning partner, we are here to help you succeed.

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