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D2L Brightspace - a user-friendly LMS

Create better learning opportunities with D2L Brightspace – your new, easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS). Both companies and educational institutions may need an LMS. D2L Brightspace is a flexible system that can be used by both educational institutions in the form of teaching modules and courses, as well as by companies and other organizations for training modules and courses for employees.

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Why choose D2L Brightspace?

D2L Brightspace is a learning platform that helps your staff or students in their learning process. D2L Brightspace can:

  • Be accessed from any computer or phone – and the ease of use is top notch!
  • Be adapted to the individual employee or student’s learning level
  • Make it easy to give concrete, personal feedback on assignments
  • Help you use data to make better decisions about the learning processes in your organization
  • Meet the expectations of students and staff for a modern and user-friendly LMS

Watch the video to the left to learn more about how the D2L Brightspace platform works as more than just an LMS. You can create engaging, individual learning experiences that will be a great help to everyone in your organization.

If you are in doubt, you can read more about what a user-friendly LMS consists of.

Who is D2L?

D2L is a global learning technology company that helps organizations create the best learning experiences for students and staff worldwide. The thoughts behind D2L arose when the Canadian engineering student, John Baker, one day walked around his university and realized how important learning processes are for all companies, people and cultures.

Much has happened since the company was founded, but the mission is to continue to create learning experiences that help to challenge and engage the individual in his learning process. The company name is D2L, and the Learning Management System (LMS) that they are behind is called D2L Brightspace.

Viducon is D2L Brightspace’s partner in Denmark and Sweden, and you are therefore very welcome to contact us if you need sparring about D2L Brightspace.

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D2L Brightspace for business

Most companies need an LMS – why not try D2L Brightspace? This Learning Management System has been developed with a focus on learning and is applicable in any industry. In addition, D2L Brightspace allows you to tailor the learning process for each and every employee in your organization.

  • Create user-friendly onboarding and training to accommodate new employees
  • Give concrete feedback on a task your employees
  • Affiliates or salespeople can be trained in a better and engaging way

Brightspace by D2L is much more than an LMS. The system can help you save time and resources in the company while supporting the learning of the individual employee.

Remember, you are never alone – if you need help, we are D2L’s Danish partner, and we are ready to help you.

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Make the learning process better for students

The purpose of D2L Brightspace is to create an engaging learning experience tailored to the individual student’s level and needs. In addition, the Brightspace platform can be easily adapted to individual needs as we all learn in different ways. If your educational institution wants to create the best conditions for the students, consider D2L Brightspace.

  • Flexibility: It is easy to design the Brightspace to suit the needs of the students. Whether you are at the beginning of the semester or up to the exam period, students can always find the information they need when they need it – access your LMS where and when it suits you. And take each lesson at your own pace. Teaching is most optimal when it is adapted to the individual’s needs.ndervisning er mest optimalt, når det er tilpasset den enkeltes behov.
  • Get rid of the technical worries: If you need a good, hassle-free LMS to optimize learning for your students, then D2L Brightspace is right for you.
  • Motivate the students: Build-in quizzes, tests and discussion forums help to motivate the students. D2L Brightspace also makes it possible to obtain badges that help improve the learning process. 
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Brightspace by D2L can be integrated with Panopto. With this integration, course providers and educators can make E-learning more fun and easier to adapt to the individual level.

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