Panopto integrations

Here you can read about a number of the integrations that Panopto has. We start with the integration with LMS. Your Learning Management System is probably a central hub for your courses, but even the most advanced LMS systems are not built to facilitate videos. Panopto solves this challenge and allows you to record, watch, search and manage your videos, without ever having to exit your LMS system. Panopto has integration with Cornerstone, Brightspace, Moodle, SAP SuccessFactors and more.

If your LMS is not among the systems below, a combination of SSO and embedded devices is typically used to integrate video into your LMS. The solution is adapted to your needs, depending on whether you want to be able to show, search for video in your LMS or something else. It is possible to integrate individual videos, playlists, leaflets, sections and even entire portals in your system – without the need for separate log-ins. Panopto can accommodate basic workflows out of the box. It is also possible to offer solutions with API, SCORM etc.

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Panopto og LMS integration

Learning Management Systems

KCan’t see your LMS? If your LMS is LTI compliant, you can integrate it with Panopto.

Kommunikationsteknologi og Panopto

Communication and collaboration

Panopto helps increase productivity and collaboration across teams. By integrating Panopto with your existing communication and collaboration technologies, it will be easier for teams and employees to retrieve and share information. Panopto has integration with Teams, Zoom, Slack, Webex and more.

With Panopto you can automate and save time on complicated video workflows and increase information sharing among employees via both on-demand and live video recordings of eg meetings. The video recordings are indexed for search, and thus you can subsequently retrieve precise passages from meetings and other video recordings. Search for spoken and written words via ASR and OCR in 20 different languages.

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Meeting and collaboration technologies

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Record your meetings and make them searchable. See, find and search your meetings via Panopto’s VCMS solution. When a meeting is uploaded to Panopto, it is automatically indexed and made searchable. Search for spoken and written words via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition). Works in 20 different languages: English (US), English (GBR), English (AUS), Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, German, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish (ESP) ), Spanish (MEX), Russian and Chinese (Simplified /Mandarin).

The video to the right is about the benefits of integrating with Microsoft Teams over meeting recordings. But the principle is the same whether you use Teams, Zoom or WebEx as meeting software.

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Interactive video solutions

Make your videos click! When it comes to designing learning experiences, it’s more important than ever to retain people’s attention. Panopto has partnered with Hihaho, offering a full range of tools to easily and intuitively create interactive videos to engage the viewer. With this integration, course providers and educators can create videos with interactive elements to highlight concepts, increase learning, and retain people’s attention.

Easy to make interactive videos with Panopto and Hihaho

In addition to Panopto’s features such as quizzes and notes, Hihaho offers a wide range of interactive elements that educators can add to the Panopto videos:

Branch view: Add pop-up menus, images with hyperlinks or links in the videos to divert action
Focus elements: Add hotspots, highlights and and digital zoom effects to draw attention to specific elements on the screen
Overlay: Add text and audio overlay on top of videos
Analysis: Get valuable data on how viewers interact with the interactive elements when watching the videos

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Interactive video solutions