Search the video library

Via Panopto’s searchable VCMS, it’s easy and fast to find exactly what you’re looking for. In this way, Panopto is also an ideal tool for knowledge sharing via video.

The search function works via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). This means you can search for any spoken and written word in the video, in slides, in pdfs and more.

The automatic indexing works in 20 different languages: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, English (US), English (GBR), English (AUS), French, German, Italian, Spanish (ESP), Spanish (MEX), Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Chinese (TWN).

Video søgning

The best support for video search

Panopto’s Smart Search is one of the most comprehensive methods of searching for content in a video library. That’s why Panopto’s Smart Search is referred to by Forrester Research as: “The best support for video search.” Read more at

Video search with OpenSearch

Good news – Panopto’s video search engine is connected to your LMS system, CMS, collaboration platforms and more. This means that you can find relevant video content no matter where you search for the information.

Thanks to OpenSearch, you can safely link to Panopto’s Smart Search search engine with other tools and applications used in your organization and see an aggregated search result in one place. This means that you can search your Panopto library even if you are inside Slack, Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Cornerstone, Salesforce or another program.

And with OpenSearch, you can even search your private video library from your browser address or search bar. Simply add Panopto to your browser’s list of available search providers, and you can get Smart Search video search results without leaving Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

Share and acquire knowledge more efficiently

With Panopto you can create an organic environment of on-demand video for sharing and increased knowledge in the organization. Through this, employees and students can search for knowledge themselves, just as they do on e.g. Google and YouTube.

Panopto’s video tagging feature allows you to apply tags to videos and manage the available tag, and it increases the visibility of video content across your team, department, or across the organization. By subscribing to other users and tags, you can find new videos and information from the people and topics you are most interested in. You can also browse videos by tags to dive deeper into the knowledge that is most relevant to you.