Hosting in secure video library

With Panopto you can upload and save videos to a secure cloud-based video library. At the same time, it is easy to give specific staff, students and groups access to specific and relevant areas and leaflets.

When an employee uploads a video intended for internal eyes only to a public sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo, it can be problematic for the organization as these platforms are not secure.

ith Panopto’s video cloud, you are assured that your internal videos are hosted privately and that you never run out of space. Employees can upload videos and share them with controlled viewing permissions that can be set at the library, folder, and individual levels. Panopto also has single sign-on (SSO) identity management systems so that your sensitive video content is never inadvertently shared with the wrong audience. Read more about Panopto and security.

Sikkert videobibliotek i skyen

Easy upload and "drag and drop"

Panopto makes it easy to centralize and manage all your video files so that they are gathered in one and the same directory. Panopto’s VCMS solution is easy and intuitive to navigate – for the benefit of both employees, course participants, teachers and students.

You can upload all types of videos to Panopto (AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, MOV, 3GP, WMA, MP3, M4V and more), even if they are not recorded via the Panopto recorder. You can upload from phone, tablet and smartphone (iOS and Android).

With a simple “drag and drop” function, you can upload 1 video at a time – or 100 videos at a time!

Elastic scaling ensures intact performance at peak loads

Your video platform should automatically be able to increase capacity so that it can handle an increased number of views and content. Panopto offers the most scalable cloud-based video platform available on the market. This means that the platform can handle the pressure if the amount of content suddenly explodes.

Each month, Panopto Cloud streams more than 1.7 million hours (equivalent to 200 years of video) of video worldwide. And Panopto’s unique support in terms of elastic scaling helps ensure performance during peak periods – such as in corporate events or university exam periods.

For example, Panopto allocates new front-end, coding and data resources dynamically during these demand increases and distributes the resources automatically upon demand.

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Panopto server og hosting

Regional video cloud infrastructure

Physical distance is crucial when it comes to streaming video online. Nearby hosting helps you ensure a faster start of video playback and minimizes loading time. This is an important element for Panopto, which therefore offers regional hosting solutions globally. For organizations in Denmark, this means that hosting takes place via a server located in Europe (EU) in partnership with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. Read more about security here.