What is a VCMS?

A video platform is a software based platform, which is easy to apply for sharing and distributing videos. Educational institutions and businesses use such a solution also known as a VCMS (Video Content Management Solution) for a secure hosting of the organization’s videos. A more advanced video platform also offers functions such as an online recorder and an opportunity to take notes, including quizzes and automatic generating of subtitles etc. 

At Viducon we have many years of experience selling this platform, which according to our opinion is the best video platform for application of education and training of employees. A video platform like Panopto provides you an advanced solution, which supports the needs a modern educational institution or business may have in regards to management of video material.

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Hvilken videoplatform?

Which type of video platform should you choose? 

There are many different types of video platforms. The choice of video platform should be made based upon the purpose of the platform. Are you going to use the platform as part of your marketing mix? Is the platform going to be applied for hosting of videos? Or are you going to use an active video platform for sharing and recording of educational and training videos?

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Different types of video platforms

Youtube and Facebook are perfect social media platforms for uploading of videos, which are displayed on a channel. This is a fast and cheap way to share videos with many people, but not necessarily the safest way. For marketing there are video platforms such as Brightcove and TwentyThree. These platforms are suitable for marketing and ideal, if the purpose of the platform is marketing and lead generation.

If you are looking for a video platform, you want to apply for courses and education, you should take a closer look at a solution, which suits this specific purpose. We have had a partnership with Panopto for many years, which is a high-end video platform for the application of educational purposes. This video platform is a closed and safe platform designed for courses, training and education. A long line of functions are supporting the pedagogical learning aspects, and there are plenty of opportunities to search in the archive, embed quizzes, notes and show multiple camera angles and much more. Following our opinion it is ultimately the best optimal solution on the market for this specific purpose. 

Looking at other types of video platforms, it is important to mention video platforms for hosting of videos and commercial TV stations including JW Player and Kaltura. Video platforms such as Vimeo and Vimeo Plus can be applied for hosting. 


Panopto is a user-friendly cloud based video platform (SaaS) and VCMS solution, which makes it easy to organize, distribute and search in an organization’s video database. 

Interactive video

Using an interactive video platform, you can easily create interactive videos. Apply your existing video material and add an interactive layer. Make the video content jump, clickable, pause, scroll, create ratings and much more. 

Panopto trial

You can try Panopto for free in 30 days. This provides you the opportunity to decide whether this solution fits your organization. During the trial period, we are of course at your disposal, if you have any questions. 


Compare the different platforms and read more about what is typically applied for education and training. Read more about integration, input and the searchable video function.