Panopto recorder

Easy recording with Panopto's recorder

With Panopto’s built-in Recorder (recorder program), you can easily record your video yourself. This means that any trainer and teacher can easily start recording themselves without first having to go to the IT or AV department. The footage is automatically uploaded to the cloud via Panopto’s SaaS cloud solution, even if the network fails. This means that you can always be sure that your recording will be saved.

It is possible to attach up to 5 inputs to your recording, including multiple cameras, PowerPoint slides, PDFs and more.

Panopto recorder

Record meetings and make them searchable

If you hold many meetings via Microsoft Teams, Zoom or another web conference system, you can advantageously record your meetings and upload them to Panopto. In this way, they are automatically optimized for search, so you can easily retrieve and revisit passages from a meeting. This makes meeting minutes superfluous.

Valuable information, exchanged at meetings, is often lost. Just an hour after a meeting ends, employees can remember just 44% of the content discussed. And six days after a meeting, that number drops to 25%. Minutes and minutes do not do much to solve the problem, as they capture only a small fraction of the discussions and cannot reproduce the nuances of the conversation or the details.

Therefore, an increasing number of organizations now record meetings as a standard practice. When recording your meetings, attendees can give their undivided attention without worrying about taking notes. No one needs to resolve a planning conflict at the last minute. Teams can share recorded meetings with new team members after a session has taken place. And a searchable archive of recorded meetings can provide an unsurpassed historical overview of ongoing projects.

Whether you record from your video conferencing system or simply with a camera in the meeting room, Panopto makes it easy to record, manage and share almost any type of meeting securely.

Record anything, anywhere

With dedicated software and apps for Windows, Mac and iOS, Panopto’s flexible video recording software allows you to record online, offline and anywhere you can take your smartphone with you. It is easy for first-time users who can start recording after a few minutes. At the same time, the software is powerful enough to also be used by AV departments to record live events with multiple cameras in professional quality.

Panopto can record video from virtually any recording device, and you can connect to your laptop or desktop computer, including external webcams, advanced camcorders, document cameras, microscopes and more. Panopto can also record video with multiple inputs, so you can record yourself while presenting – while also showing your slides and demonstrating on screen. Simply connect your devices to your computer, select the visual image you want to display, and click record.

Live-stream with Panopto

Via Panopto you can live-steam eg business updates and town hall meetings.

Livestream events, communications, lectures and more in amazingly high-definition, with minimal buffering and no complicated setup. With Panopto, live streaming is as easy as selecting your video and audio sources, clicking “Webcast” and tapping recordings.

Panopto’s professional live streaming software offers a simple solution to what used to be a complex and costly endeavor. Built on modern streaming architecture, Panopto reliably delivers the highest quality video to viewers on any device, so you do not have to configure live streaming servers, configure expensive encoders, or worry about spoiling your network.

Panopto also records while live-streaming, giving you flawless recording that can be viewed on-demand as soon as the live stream ends.