Hvad siger kunderne?

What do our customers say…

...about Viducon?

“The collaboration with Viducon works exemplary. We have always been fully satisfied with the service we have received. There is always full support and if we have had problems they have always been there. Viducon is a full-service company, and we experience it as such.”
Mogens Heine Larsen, Department Manager, Group Operations & Technology – Group Technology, Rockwool International

”I have used Viducon on several occasions to stream presentations and events as well as record videos at the University of Copenhagen. Viducon has always delivered a service in a professional, competent and reliable manner. I would highly recommend them.
Inge Hviid Jensen, Business Consultant, University of Copenhagen

Viducon holds exciting conferences with the opportunity for professional input and networking. They are good at conveying invitations to relevant conferences and workshops. They provide advice and inspiration on the way we use Panopto.”
Simon Hartmann, IT Consultant, Cphbusiness

We have used Viducon for sparring regarding setting up a new set-up to be able to take the next step in the ambition to offer a professional online learning universe. The solid professional sparring has been commendable, and in combination with Viducon’s high degree of flexibility and good customer service, we are very satisfied.”
Simon Mou Skoberg, Head of Studies, Experiences and Sport, University College Nordjylland

We are super happy with the close collaboration with Viducon. In connection with the implementation of Panopto, they provided a great and valuable help and got the teachers off to a good start with the use of video.”
Rasmus Borregaard Hall, Pedagogical Development Manager, The Danish Academy of Business and Technology, Dania

We work with Viducon in connection with holding exams at the CBS Executive Board program. We have chosen them because they are professionals, have a high level of quality in everything they do – and they are very service-oriented.”
Tom Jacobsgaard, Director, CBS Board Educations

A newer focus area with us is distance learning, and here Viducon has been a strong advisory partner. Our teaching materials for the transportation industry are very visual, and therefore video is a key element. Viducon and Panopto are strong partners.”
Ole Bülow Hartvigsen, E-learning consultant, TUR Forlag

We are very pleased with our collaboration with Viducon. They have been very helpful and guided us according to our needs.”
Jørgen Just Andresen, CEO Director, Financial Training Partner A/S

Viducon’s high level of service has made the technical implementation of Panopto easy, and they respond quickly and satisfactorily to any usage questions.”
Anders Breinholt, Pedagogical Chief, TECHCOLLEGE

Good and well-thought-out product [ed. Panopto], and very fine service from the Danish distributor. Panopto can be recommended to anyone who wants to build blended or pure online teaching based in whole or in part on videos and Viducon can be recommended as a competent service partner!”
Peter on Trustpilot (translated from Danish)

“I am very satisfied with both product [ed. Panopto] and service level. There is really good, fast and personal support. It seems that they take the customers very seriously and are proud and happy with their product.
Kenneth on Trustpilot (translated from Danish)

The product [ed. Panopto] keeps its promises and the Danish distributor is extremely helpful in relation to questions of doubt and wishes. A recommendation from here.
Anders on Trustpilot (translated from Danish)

...about Panopto?

Panopto is easy for both teachers and students. For the students, the search function works really well and the teachers use available data for optimization and to gain knowledge about how their teaching is received. A big advantage is that the security of Panopto always works, as it does not depend on an online connection. It has meant a lot to the teachers, who do not have to worry in their everyday life.”
Simon Mou Skoberg, Head of Studies, Experiences and Sport, University College Nordjylland

Panopto is the right choice for us, as it is flexible and can be used for many different usage scenarios. We have a very experimental approach to using Panopto. We use it to support Flipped Classroom by producing theory videos and video tutorials, for lecture capturing, webcasts and as a tool for students to produce videos themselves – and much, much more.”
Simon Hartmann, IT Consultant, Cphbusiness

Panopto is a user-friendly tool that we use to record training. That way, at Rockwool we get ‘return on investment’ and the maximum out of our training budgets.”
Mogens Heine Larsen, Department Manager, Group Technology, Rockwool

Panopto has made video an easily accessible didactic grip for our teacher. Both with themselves and the students as producers.”
Anders Breinholt, Pedagogical Chief, TECHCOLLEGE

I have been very happy working in Panopto. The editing tool is world class because it is so intuitive, fast and easy to use.”
Dorthe Olsen, Global Medical Training & Development Manager, Falck