As a teacher, you can engage your students better by making interactive videos. With interactive videos, it becomes more fun and easier for pupils and students to read homework as well as prepare for exams. Try Hihaho’s do-it-yourself interactive video solution and find out how effective it is to use for teaching and preparation videos. Hihaho is a very intuitive and user-friendly software that can be easily used by all teachers and trainers.

Marketing video

Video is a great tool to engage your viewers. Hihaho can be used both for training employees and for producing marketing videos. Engage and communicate with your audience in a whole new way. Give them choices, options and let them navigate through the narrative.

Education and training with video

Watch an example of an educational video from a hospital about hand hygiene in a hospital.

This example shows how to optimize hand hygiene in a hospital environment via a training video. But training and education videos that are clickable and interactive can be used in many other contexts – for onboarding, employee training, courses and in teaching contexts. Visual support can help deliver a message more effectively, just as it will help the recipient remember the content better. Did you know that 97 % say they understand things better when they get it explained via video instead of text?

Instructional video

See example of instructions from hospital regarding correct sorting of waste.

This example shows how video can help ensure proper waste sorting in a hospital environment via an instructional video with interactive training elements. Instructional videos can be used in many contexts for e.g. tests and interactive videos in connection with onboarding of employees, courses and obviously for teaching use.