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Panopto guides

On this page you will find a number of Panopto guides that can help you in your daily use of Panopto. Having trouble recording a video, applying Camtasia integration, embedding a YouTube video? Maybe some of the videos below can help you further.

See Panopto Guides by clicking below or this link Panoptos Guides – How To Videos and log in with your Panopto user profile.

Panopto guides are automatically updated

The above guides and how-to-toturials are kept updated by Panopto, and our web site automatically downloads the latest and updated guides via Panopto Support. By logging in, you have the opportunity to see more guides and toturials. You can also go directly to Panopto’s support pages.

As a Panopto customer, you will automatically have access to the Panopto Support pages, where you can find much more help for your daily work with Panopto, whether you are an end user or administrator. If you do not find what you are looking for on these pages, you are of course welcome to contact us and we will help you further

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Panopto guides

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If your organization is looking for a video platform, it may be beneficial to try out different video platforms before making an investment. It can be a costly affair to choose the wrong platform, and therefore we will at all times recommend you to try out the different platforms first. A trial period at Panopto gives me the opportunity to test the platform, and we are of course ready to answer questions along the way. Before start-up, we can, if desired, offer a demo where we tell about the various Panopto features.

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