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What is intelligent equipment?

Intelligent equipment is any kind of device that has its own computing function. As computer technology becomes more advanced and cheaper, it can be built into an increasing number of equipment of all kinds. An example is camera robots.

You can use the equipment to record courses, training and teaching

Use camera robots for teaching or training purposes, and discover how intelligent solutions can make online teaching even better.

At Viducon, we have many years of experience with online training and teaching. Therefore, we have built up a solid knowledge of equipment for digital based training and teaching.

We can guide you so that you find the products that suit your particular situation. We know about the different types of equipment for training and teaching, including AV equipment, hardware and robotic cameras. We can also take care of or guide in relation to setting up equipment.

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Camera robots for teaching

Camera robots such as Pixem 2 and Swivl are intelligent solutions that track the object via various auto-tracking systems. These robots are ideal for online teaching because they follow the teacher or object, and make the teaching more vivid.

Swivl is the ideal solution for the classroom, a small robot that follows the teacher.

Pixem 2 is the leading solution for online teaching of e.g. athletes. The cameras follow the subject and automatically zoom in and out. The robot can be used for distance learning of e.g. riders, agility, runners, sailors and much, much more. Try using camera robots for teaching or training purposes and discover what it can do for you.

We also have in-depth knowledge of microphones, recorders, cameras and headsets. Contact us or visit our eshop to understand which products we recommend.

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Pixem 2

Make use of camera robots for teaching such as Pixem and experience the benefit of a camera where objects move at high speed. In combination with microphones, the product can be used to advantage for distance learning.


The Swivl Robot CX Series provides a variety of tools for recording video and audio of learning situations. With Swivl’s camera robot, you have the opportunity to do interactive and live teaching.


Make knowledge easily accessible with a video platform like Panopto. The ideal tool for recording, sharing and hosting videos for educational use. Panopto indexes and makes the content searchable.

Educational institutions

The video medium has to a large extent gained a foothold in educational institutions, not only as a practical element, but to a large extent also as a pedagogical tool that promotes learning and understanding.