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Time is not a renewable resource. Protect yours with an easy-to-use platform that can facilitate meaningful feedback and mastery-based progression while supporting each student’s unique journey.

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An innovative learning platform packed with features that help you digitize, optimize and transform the learning experience.

Digitize the classroom

Today’s tech-savvy students and faculties expect modern learning experiences that provide maximum choice and flexibility — even in face-to-face courses. Give them what they need to succeed.

See seven ways to digitize the classroom below 👇

1) Video notes

Students can record short videos and add them anywhere the Brightspace editor is available. To ensure that all students can learn without barriers, subtitles are automatically created.

2) Discussion forum

Engage students in sharing thoughts about course material with their peers. Create forums, discuss course content and assignments, and work together in assigned groups and sections.

3) Create content easily

An intuitive interface and built-in templates make it easy for instructors to design courses, create content, and grade assignments.

4) Mobile-first design

Brightspace is built with a responsive design that adapts to any screen size, paired with mobile apps to optimize common tasks.

5) Availability

Award-winning accessibility features make it easy for students to navigate tools using assistive technologies.

6) Outcome-based assessments

Connect curriculum expectations to learning activities, assess students against those expectations, and see progress over time.

7) Progressive dashboards

View, compare and follow team and student performance at a glance.

Optimize results

The faculty can motivate students to succeed by leveraging Brightspace’s built-in engagement capabilities. Use the tools that can help improve student outcomes.

See six ways to optimize results below 👇

1) Gradebook and Mastery View

Set up a grading system and connect it to your learning activities in the grade book. See and understand student performance related to each course outcome with Mastery View.

2) Advanced analysis and reporting

Interact with your data using powerful dashboards in D2L’s Performance+ add-on suite. Create reports and visualizations and communicate results effectively across your institution.

3) Awards, badges and certificates

Hand out merit-based awards as students progress through learning materials to achnowledge achievement and progress throughout a course or program.

4) Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics and visual diagnostics in D2L’s Performance+ add-on package help instructors identify at-risk students and take action to help them improve.

5) Rubrics

Create rubrics at the organization, department, or course level (or use existing ones) to help streamline your grading workflow.

6) Peer Review

Let the students give and receive feedback on their fellow students’ videos for more perspectives.

Transform experiences

Personalize learning to help students succeed no matter what challenges they face in their educational journey. Rethink the way a modern education is delivered.

See six ways to transform experiences below 👇

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1) Portfolios

Allow students to take photos or videos of their learning as it happens, record their thoughts and reflections, and then share them with instructors. This helps demonstrate growth over time in relation to learning outcomes.

2) Course provider

Enables content providers to distribute courses to any Learning Management System (LMS) while maintaining full control and supporting a seamless experience.

3) Release conditions

Create a customized learning path through your course by automatically releasing enrichment or remedial content based on student performance.

4) Audio and video feedback

Provide meaningful feedback on audio and video assignment submissions using built-in annotation tools.

5) Annotations

Annotate document submissions in your course without having to download anything.

6) Automatic reminders

Automate reminders to provide a helpful nudge to keep students on track and inspire them to unleash their full potential.

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