Multiple choice

Multiple choice polls are popular because they are versatile. If you run a quiz or test, choose the right answer from the options and visualize the participants’ knowledge.

Open text

Open text voting allows participants to submit one or more words in response to an open question. This means that the participants have no written answer options, but instead have to use their own intuition. This is great for creative thinking and brainstorming when you want to collect a wide range of ideas or feedback.

Word clouds

Increased interaction in online or hybrid sessions is key to engagement. Here, word clouds help with a fun, creative poll to get everyone on the edge of their seats.

Star ratings

Star ratings are great for getting a quick pulse on what your participants are thinking about a particular topic. With this poll type, participants can rate via a generic 5-star rating scale. They simply click on the number of stars that represent their choice for their rating.


The numeric poll type allows participants to enter a number within a range that you specify. Numerical voting is effective for quizzes and testing participants’ knowledge. Feedback can also be used, e.g. What should our team’s goals be for collecting reviews?


Ranking polls are good for everyday meetings, where you can set agendas with a prioritization of topics and opportunities. They can also be used for quiz questions, e.g. put these events in order from oldest to newest based on date. Find out how your participants prioritize and rank a particular topic.

XY plot

XY plot polls are useful for identifying how participants rate the relationship between two factors or variables. This interactive poll is great for risk, impact and financial analysis. It could be the likelihood of a risk relative to the impact it would have.


LaTeX is a typesetting system used for producing technical and scientific documentation. In conjunction with Vevox, it can be used to include mathematical or scientific formulas and expressions for quiz questions. For example, these LaTeX quiz questions can be used to indicate fractions, greek characters, formulas, and more.

Clickable images

Clickable image polls are great for testing your participants’ ability to identify parts of an image. This versatile and interactive image poll type can be used to test your participants’ knowledge and create real-time engagement.