Computer, briller, papir og penalhus ligger klar til studiet.

Video solutions for digital teaching

Digital development in the education sector is here to stay. With the right tools, video is a supporting element for digital teaching and learning, and helps to optimize the learning process and understanding of students. It is important that video is accessible and easy to produce for everyone, and therefore video production should not be made by AV people, but by the teachers themselves, so that it is an authentic learning element on an equal footing with physical education.

In situations where students and the teacher do not have the opportunity to be physically present in the same classroom, it is of course also important to find good tools for digital teaching where you do not compromise on learning. We have many years of experience in advising both upper secondary education and primary schools in the use of online teaching. Furthermore, we negotiate a number of solutions that can make digital teaching more lively and interactive.

See playlist with case studies (in Danish) on the right from TECHCOLLEGE.

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Swivl can record high quality video and audio as well as offer interactive online instruction. It is possible to try a demo model of Swivl for 14 days.


Panopto is used to record teaching, flipped classrooms and more. Intelligent video platform that makes it easy for students to retrieve knowledge via search function.


Make digital teaching more fun and interactive for students using Hihaho. It’s easy to insert questions, ‘jump ahead’ or place interactions along the way in all videos.

Intelligent equipment

Read more about what intelligent equipment we recommend for the education sector. We sell products like Swivl, Pixem, Pixio, MXL, Boya and much more. We sell the products in our Eshop.

Swivl – make hybrid teaching possible

Do some of the students not have the opportunity to sit in the classroom? Use Swivl for hybrid teaching, where the teacher can both live stream and record the video for those who cannot be physically present. All students can participate on an equal footing, whether they are online or sitting in the classroom, as Swivl also has a powerful microphone attached. With Swivl, you avoid that some students miss out on teaching and find it difficult to keep up later due to absence or illness.

Swivl is an intelligent robot that follows the instructor around the room via a tracker with an integrated microphone. The Swivl robot helps to improve digital teaching – whether students are online or physically.

Video solutions – focus on the individual student in digital teaching

The right tools can increase learning for the individual student in digital teaching. With a video platform like Panopto, there are so many options.

  • In craft industry education, it is possible to illustrate complex topics visually, as a supplement to a text. It may be beneficial for some students to watch the topics on video. The video to the right shows (in Danish) how TechCollege uses video for online teaching in craft education.
  • Students have the opportunity to record their own presentations and share them with the teacher. This way, students can get personal feedback on their presentations as well as watch the videos again to practice presenting.
  • The teacher can also make videos as individual feedback on the students’ assignments, instead of putting a lot of red lines on their assignments.


Viducon’s high level of service has made the technical implementation of Panopto easy, and they respond quickly and satisfactorily to any usage questions.”

– Anders Breinholt, Pedagogical Chief, TECHCOLLEGE