A college lecture hall.

Video - part of online teaching

Digital tools are used for online teaching at universities and other educational institutions. In addition, LMS systems such as Moodle, Canvas or another platform are used for sharing knowledge, assignments and curriculum. More educators are also moving education online, but there is still untapped potential when it comes to video solutions.

Online teaching helps students

There are many benefits to online teaching – for both teachers and students. When the students do not have the opportunity to physically show up in a lecture hall or a teaching room, lecture capture gives the opportunity to record the teaching. Teaching that is admitted and subsequently available to students reduces the risk of students falling behind in a subject. In addition, a searchable video library makes it much more efficient to read up for exams. The idea of ​​blended learning or flipped classroom with video is that students watch a video prior to class. This means that in physical education you can skip e.g. basic knowledge, basic theories, etc., and go directly to more involving teaching.

We sell Panopto, which is a user-friendly high-end video platform. Thereby we can offer a digital video platform that is easy to use in daily or online teaching. Whether you want lecture capture or flipped classroom, Panopto can be used. Panopto has many different features, including written search to speak throughout the video library, full indexing, digital note-taking and the ability to embed quizzes.


Panopto can be used to record lectures, enabling students to watch the lesson again if they need it or are prevented from being physically present.


We are happy to come out and help with live streaming and recording of events, conferences, seminars at your educational institution.


Hihaho is a video platform that can make videos interactive. It’s easy to edit the video material you already have, and creates a better and more enjoyable experience for the viewer. Make online teaching more fun with Hihaho.

Intelligent equipment

Read more about what intelligent equipment we recommend for the education sector. We sell products like Swivl, Pixem, Pixio, MXL, Boya and much more. We sell the products in our Eshop.

Lecture capture – a help for students

Lecture capture is when the teaching is filmed and the video is shared with the students, and it can help solve several challenges in the teaching room. Among other things, recordings of lectures can increase students’ commitment and level of achievement, as with a recorded video you can control the pace of the teaching, revisit complex topics and use recordings of lectures as a tool for exam preparation. Lecture capture is without a doubt a helping hand to the students.

Online teaching is widespread

Universities around the world are increasingly using video for online teaching. The most common form of video in teaching is lecture capture. When it becomes possible for students to access videos of lectures after they have been held, they can follow the lecture without worrying about notes, slides, etc. Panopto’s powerful media player synchronizes presentations with video, enabling students to take notes after the lecture has been held. Make online teaching easier with Panopto.

Blended learning and flipped classroom

Flipped classrooms are part of the ‘blended learning’ movement, and many educational institutions experience it as a great advantage to be able to ‘flip’ the classroom, as it makes the learning environment more interactive. For example, you can flip the classroom by reviewing material for a given course (it can be, for example, models, processes, procedures) in video format. The teacher can thus take as a starting point the student’s understanding of the material and in that way meet them where they are. Blended learning is not a new concept – the idea behind it is not much different than for students to read an article before the lecture. But digital development has led to sophisticated ways of implementing blended learning courses and thereby increasing the quality of the overall online teaching.

Video makes online teaching easier

Despite the developments, it takes time for educators to produce flipped classroom videos. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to offer a platform that is user-friendly and straightforward to go to, so that educators can concentrate on the content. The video platform Panopto has many smart features, including a built-in recorder function that is intuitive and easy to use. The video is automatically saved in the cloud or locally with the option to edit afterwards. In addition, Panopto provides digital note-taking, automatically generated subtitles, embedding quizzes and automatic indexing of writing and speech that makes video (writing and speaking) searchable. These features help make Panopto an effective online teaching tool for both teachers and students.

Online undervisning


Panopto is the right choice for us, as it is flexible and can be used for many different usage scenarios. We have a very experimental approach to using Panopto. We use it to support Flipped Classroom by producing theory videos and video tutorials, for lecture capturing, webcasts and as a tool for students to produce videos themselves – and much, much more.”
– Simon Hartmann, IT-konsulent, Cphbusiness