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Video in teaching

Educational institutions are increasingly using video in teaching. The purpose is to increase students’ commitment through the visual and via interactive assignments, as well as to vary the teaching using short teaching videos, flipped classroom and blended learning. In addition, flexibility can be increased by recording teaching sessions and lectures, as students can then revisit or view lessons they have missed.

Our customers include universities, business schools, business schools, vocational colleges and primary schools. These educational institutions need very different solutions. We advise decision-makers in the world of education and together find solutions that exactly match the individual type of school or educational institution. Contact us when you need sparring or guidance to find the right video solution for teaching.

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Video in teaching - for every need

When working with video in teaching, you must of course find the video solutions that suit your needs. And it is therefore up to the individual organization to decide which tools and or platform is the right one. Does your organization need:

We offer educational institutions cost-effective and scalable video solutions. It is important to us that the video solution fits exactly to your situation. And that it is easy and intuitive for you to use. We can help find the best solution to support video in teaching.

Find the best intelligent equipment

Video in teaching is becoming more and more widespread in educational institutions, and for it to work optimally, the right equipment must be in place. Intelligent equipment gives teachers greater flexibility in meeting the needs of the individual student.

Which equipment for video in teaching should you choose?

There are many options and it is not always easy to choose the right equipment. Should the equipment be used for hybrid teaching, online teaching, flipped classroom or something completely different? How do you know what to choose on behalf of your organization? We are always ready to guide and help you find the right equipment as well as the right video solution for the teaching.

Read more about intelligent equipment.

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Make your videos interactive

You can make your videos interactive using Hihaho, thereby creating fun and engaging material for pupils or students. With video in teaching you everything becomes more vibrant and engaging for your students. The Hihaho software allows you to place layers on top of your own videos so you can insert questions, “skip ahead” buttons and other interactions. Pupils and students thereby take an active part in the learning process when the video material is interactive. You can more easily capture and hold the students’ attention when they are involved in the video on an ongoing basis. An interactive video means that you have to deal with more than just pressing ‘Play’. In addition, the average viewing time increases by as much as 47% when using interactive videos.

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