Corporate video library

A corporate video library (VCMS) works as an internal video database, in which you can find all videos produced in the organization. Additionally, you can grant different employees access to specific folders, so they can only see videos relevant to them. If you have a high-end video platform such as Panopto, you can place multiple videos in one and the same video library, regardless of how they have been produced and the file format. If your video platform can search optimize, you have the opportunity to index many videos and find them quickly. With Panopto you can search for both written and spoken words in 20 different languages using ASR (automatic speech recognition) and OCR (optical character recognition). 

Gather everything in one video library

Courses, e-learning, employee training, knowledge, sales training and marketing videos can be gathered in one place. All knowledge can be searched for, shared or watched again. You should ensure that you invest in a safe and closed video cloud platform, which is only administered by you. Sharing of knowledge in a video library can take place safely and internally in an organization with Panopto.

Sikkert videobibliotek i skyen

A safe video library

Your personal video library helps to ensure that the organization’s internal knowledge sharing is stored and shared effectively and responsibly. By using a safe video storage, videos are only accessible for those, who are granted access to the video archive; and access can be administered on a folder level. If you are using YouTube, Dropbox or Vimeo the information can end up in the wrong hands, as these platforms are not safe for internal video sharing. 

Panopto’s video cloud can increase the security, so that your videos do not end up becoming accessible to the public. With a video library you can make sure that all sharing of knowledge with video stays in the organization. Read more about security for the video solution Panopto.

Searchable video library

Do you need employees to find or discover content, it is a huge advantage, if your video archive is easy to search through. Panopto’s search function and speech-to-text can be used in 20 different languages. Panopto automatically indexes all videos through ASR (automatic speech recognition) and OCR (optical character recognition). The function is available for all users of Panopto’s safe video cloud solution.

Search in 20 different languages

You are granted the opportunity to searh every spoken words in 20 different languages: English (US), English (GBR), English (AUS), Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, German, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish (ESP), Spanish (MEX), Russian and Chinese (simplified/Mandarin). 

Subtitles can be automatically generated and are an integrated part of Panoptos solution.

Panopto konference

A meeting worth holding is one worth holding onto

Video conference solutions like Zoom, WebEx, Teams, Skype for Business are good for dialogue in real time. A video solution like Panopto picks up, where conference solutions leave off. Integration with Zoom, WebEx and Teams makes it possible for your organization to see or replay meetings, when they are over, as they can easily be recorded using a video platform like that.

Make your video solution complete with a communication system like Panopto. Panopto can also be used with the existing communication systems for recording and live streaming meetings, presentations and corporate events. Following the recording, the video is automatically uploaded to Panopto’s safe video cloud, which makes it easy to find, share on-demand and stream the videos using the video library in the cloud. Knowledge sharing by using video can be easy and user-friendly for everyone in an organization with Panopto.