Sharing of complex, medical knowledge

Video can easily show more details than a text is able to describe. For businesses working with medicine and medical equipment, video can be a useful tool to ease the workflow and illustrate complex connections. In the medical industry, it is necessary to share and communicate complex knowledge and to illustrate information using complex equipment from multiple angles. 

Both MedTech and pharmaceutical businesses as well as research and applied research have a huge need for knowledge sharing, knowledge retention and to ensure that knowledge is quickly found and easily available. Hence, a video solution with a high-end search function can be a great advantage, when you have to find specific passages and details. 

Through an advanced video platform like Panopto you can capture knowledge using video, store it safely and easily find it again by searching for it. When it comes to education, onboarding and training, it is a great advantage to use a platform like hihaho, in which you can easily create interactive videos.

Video solutions

Boost training, education and onboarding using innovative video solutions. We work with both SaaS cloud solutions and intelligent equipment. With the right solutions, video becomes an integrated element in your workday. 


Onboarding and training of employees can be a time demanding resource. Through video you can optimize processes and thereby save both time and money. More importantly, it also increases the ability to learn and comprehend.

Employee training

Video strengthens the employee training as the media shows more details and the recordings can be viewed again and again. If you make the knowledge from courses and education easily available, it increases the applicability and optimizes the learning process. 

Corporate video library

With a searchable platform you can search for both written and spoken words through ASR (automatic speech recognition) and OCR (optical character recognition), and thereby easily find information and share knowledge across departments in the organizations.

Video for knowledge sharing and education

The use of video can be of great benefit for introducing and educating employees in complex equipment. Thereby, students and employees can watch or revisit a video to view the processes in detail. 

Nowadays a series of the world’s highest profiled medical universities are using video for education. Professors record lectures and lessons in order to give the future health care professionals an invaluable tool for optimization of their course of study. Students can replay complex lectures, when studying for an exam or watch lessons they were unable to attend. They can also search for all written and spoken words in the videos, which makes it possible for the students to find a specific passage, as well as indexing and notes. If you apply a SaaS cloud platform such as Panopto with ASR and OCR, you may search for 20 different languages. 

The video on the left shows training in echocardiography and how to manage the apparatus. You can change between four camera angles and slides by using Panopto’s multiple camera setup.

Training and development of employees

Create illustrative training for the development of your employees. Apply a user-friendly software like Panopto – you can record video input, slides and make screen recordings at the same time. This provides a multiple dimensional picture and videos can easily be found using a searchable VCMS archive to watch or replay videos. 

When you use video solutions, you also optimize your resources and reduce the costs. Employees do not have to be physically present in order to follow a session. They can see the recordings live or when it fits with their working hours. In large workplaces and hospitals it provides a flexibility and opportunity to easily access important information. 

See also an example of an introduction for a Leica DM500 microscope

See also an example of the introduction for Leica DM500 mikroscope

Make the education interactive

Create interactive training and educational videos and make learning more interesting and interactive. Hihaho makes it easy and intuitive to edit already existing videos and thereby change them into interactive learning videos. Insert quizzes, ‘go to’, ‘skip’, write questions, information/text, zoom, scroll, highlight!

Medical conferences world wide

Sharing of conferences and presentations has never been easier. With a video platform like Panopto, you can live stream and share knowledge with doctors and healthcare professionals world wide. Using a multiple camera set-up, employees can watch all details –  of whether it has to do with surgical procedures, presentations or morning conferences, employees can follow without having to be physically present. The recording is quickly uploaded to a safe and closed platform with restricted admission.

Life science og video

Own set-up or assistant recording

We have many years of experience in setting up AV installations in lecture and conference rooms, if you want a permanent setting with cameras and microphones. As soon as the equipment is set up, you can by a single click share knowledge with healthcare professionals from all over the world – without assistance of IT or AV people. Live stream or record the conference and send it directly to your audience – or allow them to access the recording on-demand. 

In the case of more complicated set-ups such as the application of multiple camera input or when more lighting or advanced equipment is needed, we have a professional team, which may assist with all types of recordings. Read more about how our team can assist you with recordings.

If you already have Panopto in your organization, we have the opportunity to record using the platform. This provides you with a series of benefits regarding the sharing, saving and searching for knowledge.

Partner- and sales training

You can save a lot of money on traveling to partners and distributors living abroad in order to onboard and train them, if you use video. This is especially a benefit for medico and technological businesses such as hearing aid manufacturers and other suppliers leading to technical products requiring specific training in skills in relation to equipment.


I have LOVED to work in Panopto. The editor is world class, because it is so intuitive, fast and easy to use.”

Dorthe Olsen, Global Medical Training & Development Manager, Falck