Video for legal institutions

Within the legal world, video can be an advantage to use for training, education and onboarding of employees. Recorded testimonials and other video material can be saved in one central video library and is easy to search for and find specific passages. With the right ‘recorder’ you also have the opportunity to easily record from multiple camera angles. 

By applying a video platform such as Panopto, it is possible to gather all relevant videos in one safe, searchable video library. The videos are indexed automatically for search in order for you to use ASR (automatic speech recognition) and OCR (optical character recognition) for finding exactly the passage you are looking for. You can search in the entire video library and down into every video – both in the spoken and written word. With a searchable video platform, knowledge becomes easily accessible in the business and safely stored. By setting up a few cameras Panopto also makes it easy to record from multiple angles, and the software puts all input in one and the same view. 

Video solutions

We are solely working with well-tested and safe SaaS cloud solutions and high-end equipment. A video platform like Panopto provides organizations a safe VCMS platform for storage of confidential material.

Employee training

Onboarding and training videos for secretaries, legal advisors and layers can increase your educational processes. Video shows in detail what you cannot obtain with a textual document, as 90% of the information, your brain captures, is visual. 


Panopto’s video platform is a safe VCMS with access for authorized users. Configured access for groups and single-sign on supports the two-way synchronization of legitimation information

Corporate video library

Use a safe VCMS solution for hosting your videos. A searchable corporate video library makes it easy for employees to find the specific passages for both spoken and written words using ASR and OCR.

Videobibliotek og videoarkiv og vcms

Knowledge sharing for lawyers

By using a safe VCMS solution, it is possible to increase the knowledge sharing as well as maintain valuable knowledge internally in the organization. Build a library in which you gather all videos. It provides employees the opportunity to quickly and easily share knowledge about changing circumstances and rules, which are important for them to be up to date with.

A solution like Panopto offers security at multiple levels both under storage and streaming. Only authorized users can access the videos, and your data is therefore secure. More about security and implementation.

Make your own recordings

You can easily do recordings yourself, if you have the right video solution with a built-in recorder. All inputs are automatically joined in one and the same view, for you to both gather PowerPoint slides, speakers and screen recordings – up to 5 different inputs. 

Recorded Team meetings can also easily be uploaded to a video solution like Panopto, which automatically indexes your meetings and makes them searchable. This means that you in a video library can search for any spoken and written word by using ASR and OCR in 20 different languages.


Professional and reliable! I have used Viducon on several occasions for streaming talks and events and creating videos at the University of Copenhagen. They have always delivered in a professional, competent, and reliable manner. I can sincerely recommend their services.”

Inge Hviid Jensen, Chief Consultant, University of Copenhagen

Københavns Universitet er kunder hos Viducon