Videoløsning til den financielle sektor

Finance and insurance

Financial institutions can benefit from using video for explaining complex topics to customers, stakeholders and partners. Insurance companies can also apply video for training and onboarding of employees. Video is not only an efficient tool for educational use, it is also ideal for the optimisation of learning and knowledge retention internally in an organization. 

Video as a supplement of face-to-face training

When using video as a communicative tool, you can save resources in regards to onboarding of new employees and training in new products and processes. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to train employees, who are not physically in the same location as the instructors. Video-based learning also makes it easier to get more work done and reach deadlines faster.

Video also works well as an introduction prior to a face-to-face course, an onboarding programme and a meeting. Video based learning is not to replace face-to-face training sessions, but works parallel and as a supporting supplement to on-site training. 

Using intelligent video solutions, you as a company can optimize both resources and processes. For this purpose, you may want to apply a 100% safe and closed platform, like Panopto, in order to make sure that any confidential and sensitive information can only be accessed by the ones the organization wants to share it with.

Finans og forsikring træning med video

Video solutions

Video solutions can help optimize onboarding and education, as the intelligent platforms make it easy to search and find the information you need. Critical information is easy to find using one click.


Onboarding of new employees can be a time demanding process. By using video, the process becomes more efficient. It can save money, but more importantly, new employees are trained faster. 

Sales training

Sales training can become more efficient by applying video. Another opportunity is to apply a high-end video platform to make presentations to customers more illustrative and interactive. 

Corporate video library

Share and retain knowledge efficiently and safely with a corporate library. Upload all types of videos for your video library, indexing and make them searchable, in order for knowledge to be found easily and quickly. 

Gør forsikring personlig med video

Make insurance more personal

Insurance rules and conditions can be highly complex to teach new employees. You can now help your team, in order for it to become easier and more intuitive. By using video solutions like Hihaho and Panopto, you can make the information visual and interactive. This can help make insurance relations more accessible to new employees. 

Create introduction videos for basic knowledge for your insurance agents to see and go through in advance and at their own pace. Explain processes, rules and conditions, negotiation processes and answer FAQ with supporting video material. On courses and in onboarding situations, your employees can also focus on finding answers to questions and test their knowledge faster – which creates value to them and the organization.   

Reach out to a younger customer segment with video

Video can also be an advantage to use for dialogue with the customers. Create interactive videos using your current video material with the SaaS cloud platform, Hihaho. Create interactive videos and reach the younger audience, who expects digital and interactive solutions. Or make your communication more illustrative, personal and easier to understand by presenting offers and complex content using a high-end video platform like Panopto, which shows both speaker, slides and much more in one and the same view.

Financial institutions

Video can help financial institutions become more agile. It can be a help to scale activities, while you cut costs, ensure knowledge retention in the organization and become better at identifying business opportunities. Moreover, it also helps to make it more transparent. Technology is at the center of almost everything banks do in relation to growth, innovation, compliance and operational efficiency – in this regard, video is hard to avoid. 

Read this (in Danish) white paper 9 grunde til at virksomheder i finanssektoren skaber resultater med videoløsninger.

Contact to a younger segment through video

The application of video in the dialogue with a younger customer group to whom the video format is well-known may create interest and seem familiar. Create interactive videos by applying the organization’s already existing video material through SaaS cloud platforms like Hihaho. You can create interactive videos yourself and reach a younger customer segment, who are used to digital and interactive solutions. Make your communication more illustrative, personal and easier to understand by presenting offers and complex content through a high-end video platform like Panopto, in which both speaker, slides and much more is gathered in one and the same view. 


We are very happy about our collaboration with Viducon. They have been very helpful and able to guide us, when needed.

Jørgen Just Andresen, CEO Director, Financial Training Partner A/S