Coporate video

The use of video contributes to effective training of employees. It helps save time and resources, while strengthening people’s learning ability. Use coporate video as part of digital learning for courses, onboarding or employee training.

Due to today’s digital development, video and digital learning is the future for all businesses. This is especially in regards to employee training and courses, but also when it comes to business updates, conferences, seminars, sales meetings, department meetings and more. Businesses with a digital strategy including coporate video are well-equipped for the future labor market. Digital learning methods have become a central part of the labor market nowadays. Moreover, digital learning and video are an integrated part of the working process for students, and they will bring their digital learning habits onwards into their future workplace. The use of video is important for a business now and in the years to come.

Why coporate video?

Small, medium-sized businesses and large enterprises can benefit from using video solutions for training and onboarding of employees, as:

  • It is 75% more likely that an employee will watch a video instead of reading a document, e-mail or an online article – Forrester Research
  • 90% of all information captured by your brain is visual, and visual information is picked up 60.000 times faster in our brain than text  – Forrester & Visual Training Alliance
  • 7 days after a seminar, the average employee has forgotten 65% of the material covered. This number rises to 90% after 6 months. Studies have shown that by adding video you increase people’s ability to remember concepts and details – SAVO Group 
  • Presentations, which includes video, are 9% more effective than a text alone if you test people’s ability to comprehend right away. This number increases over time to 83%, when the test is repeated later on – Rusted and Coltheart
  • Businesses can save between 50% and 70% by replacing education-based courses with digital learning – IOMA
  • Online learning creates a positive ROI within a year. If a company is spread across many locations, implementing online learning programmes can be a good business approach  – Forrester Research
  • Knowledge retention increases by 25 – 60% with digital learning — WR Hambrecht

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Coporate video
Coporate video

Digital learning - Courses, employee training and onboarding

Organizing onboarding of new employees, arranging courses and employee training are time and resource demanding activities for a business.

By using coporate video as an integrated part of your courses, you create flexibility for the people responsible and the employees. Information, which you normally have to repeat multiple times, can be shared as a recorded video, and made available for employees to watch prior to an onboarding course or seminar. A coporate video can also say more than words and PowerPoint slides. Thereby, you can make the educational material much more effective, as you can focus on elaborative questions, thorough examination of the details or relevant discussion. Thereby, employees can apply their knowledge and create value much faster.

All-in-one video platform

By using a video solution such as Panopto, you can integrate slideshows, screen recordings, a presenter – up to 5 inputs – in one and the same video recording. You may employ the videos live or on demand, depending on your needs and demands. A solution like this covers all conceivable needs for video recording, editing and safe storage – and may be accessed from all kinds of units.

Coporate video that streghtens and boost

You can easily establish a meeting room suitable for the use of recording instruction videos, course videos and presentations. At Viducon, we are specialists in video solutions. Therefore we are able to guide you on the type of equipment suitable for your needs. We can help you find the best video solution in order to help you create videos to boost your business. Read more about the various SaaS software solutions below video solutions. You may also find information about intelligent equipment – or see our selection of equipment on our Eshop.

We also offer assistance for more complicated video recording set-ups. Moreover, we can help you with live streaming, recording of events, conferences and lectures. We can also help you with online or hybrid conferences and recording of product presentations. Read more about our services.

Coporate video
Coporate video

Video library

How do you manage confidential video data in an organization?

With a secure VCMS solution, businesses can store their videos safely in the video library. In a closed video platform, you can manage which employees are granted access to specific folders. The videos produced and owned by your organization can be watched again and again.

Panopto is a closed SaaS platform, which provides you with an easily available video library. Employees can search the video library and find specific passages by searching any number or written word in 20 different languages. 

Valuable know-how is preserved within the business, when using a video library. Specific key employees’ expert knowledge can be made available for all. It is an advantage, if an employee suddenly leaves, quits or retires. With a video library, you can make sure that the unique know-how remains in the organization. A employee in a coporate video also appear as experts and reference people in specific areas, in order for others to know who they can contact in the organization, if they need more information.