Panopto workshops

Panopto Workshops

Viducon currently offers two different workshops related to the application of Panopto. Our long-term partnership with Panopto means that our employees are qualified Panopto experts, who can advise and teach you all about Panopto. We offer subsequent Panopto workshops: Administrator Workshops and End-user Workshops.

If you have specific wishes or requirements for workshops within our area of expertise, you are of course welcome to contact us. 

Please notice, all workshops can take place online, if you request it.

Panopto Workshop

Workshops for end users in Panopto

Workshops which are designed for end-users in Panopto are including the elements listed below, but our consultants are flexible in regards to content and are willing to adjust it to your needs:

  1. Brief introduction to Panopto and its many user scenarios.
  2. How to record using Panopto’s unique recorder, and how to upload external videos. 
  3. How to edit videos using Panopto’s built-in editing programme, which includes video editing tools, add table of contents, create quizzes and much more. 
  4. How to share videos, in which our consultants will go through the different opportunities.
  5. Go through Panopto’s mobile app.

Time: 2 hours

Workshops for administrators in Panopto

Panopto Workshops are designed for administrators and include the aspects below, but our consultants are flexible and the content of the workshops can be adjusted to your needs:

  1. Brief introduction to Panopto.
  2. Review of this Video Content Management System (VCMS) and explanation of how Panopto is structured.
  3. How to create a folder structure. 
  4. How to add users and user groups.
  5. Display of user statistics. 
  6. Integration opportunities.
  7. Advanced settings. 

Time: 2 hours.


You get a user-friendly SaaS cloud based video platform with Panopto and a VCMS solution. Make it easy to organise, distribute and search in the organization’s video database. 


Are you interested in a Panopto Workshop? In these pages, you can get an overview of the prices for our end user workshops and administrator workshops. You are also more than welcome to contact us directly.


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How to guides

See Panopto’s How to Guides and get an answer to how you ‘share a video’, ‘upload a media file’, ‘use Panopto with Brightspace’ and much more.