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At Viducon, we offer recordings of both large and small talks. Our team has plenty of experience recording all kinds of talks both large and small on all types of locations. Moreover, we have the best equipment and can help you get a good experience. Using our assistance you will certainly get your recording in a good quality. 

You can also live stream you talk while it is being recorded.

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Optagelse af foredrag med Panopto
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Looking for assistance at your next talk?

Are you planning to record a talk with an important person or guest lecturer, and do you need to be sure that everything is in place 100% regarding the picture and sound? You are welcome to contact us for an offer – no strings attached. We have many years of experience with recording talks both large and small audiences as well as in all kinds of rooms. We also have the equipment to manage recordings at all kinds of locations and rooms. 

Recordings with a camera, vMix or Panopto

We use the video solution you already use, as a point of departure, for recordings of a talk. If you are using vMix, we can use this software. It would of course also be possible to record using one or multiple cameras, and we have the equipment to ensure that your recordings are of high quality. 

Does your organization already have the SaaS software, Panopto? Then, we are also able to record in a high quality using this software. The video can thereby be accessed by the audience from any type of device, as the software works with both Windows, Mac and iOS. The recording is automatically saved in Panopto’s VCMS library and can be found using a few clicks and watched on-demand.

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