Online konference

Online conference

Do you want to arrange an online conference? In some cases it is not possible nor practical to gather many people in one and the same location. We can help you get safely through your conference and make sure that all the technical works. Moreover, we can run the conference through video solutions such as Zoom and Teams, and we provide you with the most suitable equipment. 

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Online konference
Online konferencer med Zoom eller Teams

We manage the technical setup for your online conference

It can be complex getting all aspects to cooperate for a big conference. Our team has great experience with management of online conferences and events and are able to manage these. All you need to focus on is hosting your event. We will handle the setup of the conference using Zoom or Teams. 

Benefits of live streaming

There are many benefits of live streaming a conference. Firstly, the participants are provided an opportunity to participate, even if they are prevented from appearing. We can live stream the conference for you in order for you to follow online. 

We organize break out rooms, moderator roles, spot light view of relevant speakers, administrator roles and more. Moreover, we have an opportunity to record the conference, if you want us to.

Get the online conference as a video

Are you looking for a recording of events or future online conferences? We can record events or an entire conference, but it may be a long video. Therefore, we also offer to split the conference into smaller recordings by providing you a recording by the speaker or session. The participants at your conference can then get the recording for them to see at a later point, if they were unable to attend. 

Moreover, we can also offer live streaming of conferences, in order for the participants to choose for themselves whether they want to be there physically or online.

Opdeling af online konference i mindre optagelser
Live streaming via Panopto

Record online conference with Panopto

If you have Panopto in your organization, then it can be a benefit to record your future online conference using this software. Thereby, the entire conference is automatically indexed and made searchable. By looking into the table of contents, people can jump to the exact place in the video, which they are interested in watching or replaying. Panopto also makes automatic subtitles for an entire conference. 

View more about how automatic subtitles are inserted.

If you want to know more about Panopto, you are welcome to contact us.

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