Optagelse af events og seminarer med Panopto

Hybrid events, conferences & seminars

We have many years of experience with recording of events, conferences, and seminars, whether they take place physically, digitally or as a hybrid mix.

A recorded event can at all times be accessed online, and you have the opportunity to see and replay recordings over and over again. 

Do you also want live streaming of a conference or event, then that is of course also an opportunity, and you can read more about it on live streaming.

Contact us for more information, or view our prices for recording of hybrid events and seminars.

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Optagelse og live streaming af events og konferencer
Optagelse af events og konferencer

Assisting recordings

At Viducon, we manage recordings of hybrid events, conferences and seminars for both businesses and educational institutions. Throughout the years, we have recorded big and small events, and we are experts in scaling equipment and recordings to match the exact setup that the customer wants to have. On the Prices page, you can see the costs for assisting in connection with your hybrid events. We will always enter into a dialogue with you about the options. 

Recordings with Teams, Zoom, or Panopto

We use the video solution you have as a point of departure, for the recording of hybrid events, conferences and lectures. Zoom or Teams are web conference tools, which may also be applied, if you want to record an event. We can record using one or multiple cameras according to what matches your needs. 

If your organization already has the SaaS software, Panopto, we have an opportunity to record in high quality using this software. The video can thereby be accessed by the audience using any kind of device, as the software works with both Windows, Mac and iOS. The recording is automatically saved in Panopto’s VCMS library and can be found by a few clicks and watched on-demand. 

Optagelser med Panopto
Events optagelser

Recordings of hybrid events - every year

We have many customers, which allows us to manage the recordings of annual hybrid events. 

In relation to recording of events, conferences and seminars, it may be of great advantage that the customer and provider know each other well. It also means that we gradually get to know you, your organizations’ equipment and gain an understanding of how our equipment interacts with yours. To us, it is important to build long-term and solid customer relations, and therefore, we always offer good service.