AV installation

AV installations

Viducon’s team has great experience setting up and advising on AV installations and AV solutions. We offer AV installations with equipment in educational institutions and meeting rooms, conference rooms, lecture halls and classrooms. If you want to set up AV equipment in a room, we will be happy to advise you about it. However, we also offer to manage your AV installation for you and thereby install permanent installations in your rooms. 

We always listen to the customer

We know that it can be a jungle to navigate and choose the right AV installation, equipment and products. Therefore, we advise our customers throughout the entire process. We will be happy to involve the customer and bring our recommendations to the table, in order for you to feel 100% confident with the final result. You can read more about what our customers say here

We are also at your disposal subsequently, in order to be sure that your solution will continue to live up to your needs and wants. 

AV udstyr
Av installation

Rooms with permanent AV installations

It can be an advantage for you to establish permanent AV installations in your meeting rooms. This means rooms, in which you need to install equipment like cameras and microphones, in which it will continue to be ready for online training and education. Thereby, you can by means of a few click start a live streaming or a recording without first having to set up the equipment. 

A complete AV installation unites great sound and picture and is user-friendly to operate, which ensures the best experience for students and lecturers. 

We solely work with leading products including Panasonic, Logitech, MXL, Boya and more. These products can be bought directly from us at our eShop.

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Video solutions

See our selection of video platforms for education and training, as well as the SaaS cloud platforms including Panopto and Hihaho. You may also be interested in the range of equipment we recommend for education and training. 

Online conferences

Do you want to arrange an online conference? We help you through it by making sure that all technical aspects are up and running. We can run your conference through web conference solutions such as Zoom and Teams, and we provide all necessary equipment.


We can offer you assistance for recording and live streaming of events, seminars, conferences and talks. As our team has many years of experience, we guarantee a professional product. 


Our Eshop provides you with the opportunity to buy registered equipment, in relation to AV solutions for education and employee training such as Swivl, MXL and Boya. We only sell products, which we can vouch for 100%.