They Don’t Like Lecture Capture, They Love It!

Modern lecture capture no longer has to be a lengthy boring video, but can be an interactive learning tool for students. Many today still see lecture capture as boring videos, where students find it hard to concentrate due to their length. This is the reason why some regard lecture capture as not being pedagogical. Modern lecture capture, however, has turned this around.

While it’s true that students can find it hard to concentrate through the full length of a lecture recording, modern lecture capture technology provides a solution for that, by helping students identify specific topics that they wish to reflect on.

With today’s lecture capture technology, such as Panopto, students have the possibility to search every word in the presentation, search every spoken word in the lecture (by means of Automatic Speech Recognition), sift through slides, take time-stamped notes, and use many other interactive features that help them find topics they wish to review.

Udklip af eksempel på lecture capture

Giving students the possibility to search, take notes and thereby interact with the lecture recording, increases the effectiveness of their learning process and supports the pedagogical process that the individual student goes through.

Using Panopto’s analytics tool, we have followed closely how participants of the course Theoretical Positions in HA(kom) at Copenhagen Business School, were using the lecture capture recordings.

We observed the 90 students, who viewed over 75.000 minutes of the 18 lectures recorded. What we saw was, that not only did the students love the recordings, but also that the way which they viewed the recordings was very different to the lengthy boring viewing pattern, many assume lecture capture to be used by students.

In February we will be publishing a case about what took place in this specific class and go more in detail about the viewing patterns, which we saw in students’ interaction with modern lecture capture technology.

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