Swivl Expand Lens Mini SW-7020

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Expand Case – Fish Eye Lens.

The Swivl C Series Robot is in ingenious mount for your smartphone or tablet – automatically swivelling and tilting to track up to four additional receivers in the room.


The Swivl C Series Robot is in ingenious mount for your smartphone or tablet – automatically swivelling and tilting to track up to four additional receivers in the room.

The world is getting smaller. Don’t panic. What we mean is, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with people far away. And as tech develops, those ways get more and more ingenious, exciting and creative.

Take the Swivl C Series Robot. Not long ago, if you wanted to host a video conference or shoot a vlog on your phone or tablet you’d have to wedge it in a static holder. Boring! With the Swivl C Series Robot you can get up, wander away from your device, and even move up and down – this ingenious mount will track your movements and rotate and tilt so you’re always in frame and any audio is captured perfectly.

How does it work? The idea is actually quite straightforward. This smart mount for your tablet or mobile is actually just following a receiver; doubling as a high quality microphone, you can wander up to thirty feet away and still be heard on your device.

A recent new addition, Swivl C Series can track up to four receivers, not just the one. Dot them around the room, close to the audio source you want to capture and control the Swivl to target any of them in turn. With each providing its own high quality audio feed it’s a great way for teachers to share their lessons online, or for you to capture the to-and-fro of a Q&A or board meeting (and once uploaded, audio feed levels can be adjusted independently). No expensive sound and video crew required. Just you, your smart mount and a few easy-to-use controls.

The Lowdown

• Smartphone and tablet mount with automatic tracking
• 360 degree continuous panning: 45 degree/sec
• 25 degree tilt: 10 degree/sec
• 2-30 foot wireless range
• iOS and Android compatible with app integration.
• Remote recording
• Both Base unit and wireless Tracker have a built-in rechargeable lithium battery for 6 hours under normal use cases
• D-pad (Directional pad) controls
• Lightning iOS interface – Eliminates the challenges of using Bluetooth and provides higher quality audio
• Multi-marker capability – Connect up to 4 x receivers simultaneously. Capture audio from all corners of a classroom and switch who Swivl “follows”
• Mobile compatability with iOS and Android (Android requires cable purchase SW5170)
• Audio – USB Lightning digital
• Device mounting – Accepts any mobile device or device with protective case under 12mm thick
• Software – Apps work in conjunction with Swivl Cloud. Swivl Cloud is free, has unlimited video storage and a range of tools
• Completely redesigned audio technology utilizing DECT. Brings a higher quality, more robust connection
• NB: If you are interested in finding out about Teacher Process Recall please take a look here

Box Contents:

• C Series Robot – Swivl Base + Primary Marker
• C1 Entry Level – Swivl + Primary Marker + Carry Case + 1 Year Pro Cloud Licence
• C3 Mid Level – Swivl + Primary Marker + 2 Expansion Markers + USB Marker Charger + Carry Case + 1 Year Pro Licence
• C5 Premium Model – Swivl + Primary Marker + 4 Expansion Markers + 2 USB Marker Chargers + Carry Case + 1 Year Pro Licence
• Expand Case – Fish Eye Lens

All models feature:

• Wireless Tracker and Microphone
• AC Charger
• 3x Adapter grips
• Audio Cable
• Micro USB to lightning cable
• Manual
• Carry Case


• Swivl Robot measures approximately 12.5cm x 6.5cm (4.92″ x 2.55″)
• Weight – 500grams base, Receiver 10grams
• Wireless Tracker and Mic measure approximately 8cm x 3cm