There is much to consider when choosing a new video platform

In Florida, the Seminole State College had been using eLearning for over a decade and saw how video had become a more regular part of the students’ learning experience. With over 30,000 students, Seminole State College is the eighth-largest institution of the College System in Florida. They began to face a lack of standardization and looked to other video platforms to find a new solution.

They tried both Camtasia and Adobe but narrowed their search down to Kaltura or Panopto. They were looking for a system that could facilitate storage, editing, and sharing. When they compared the two, they found that Panopto lived up to all of their requirements:

  • Live streaming lectures and events
  • Flexible recording, both in and out of the classroom, for flipped classrooms, student presentations, faculty training, and more
  • Centralized video storage
  • Efficient streaming across the university network
  • Simple integration with the school’s learning management system

Webcasting success

The first real test of Panopto came with recording of the Symphonic Community Band’s concert. They used Panopto to live stream the event as a longtime member of the band had died only days prior to the event, The Seminole State College Music Department dedicated a scholarship in the member’s name.

Because the family of the honored member couldn’t participate in the event, they watched the webcast instead.

This success meant that the school began to roll out Panopto across the campus. One of the features most used was the Remote Recorder. With this feature the instructors could schedule recordings for the whole semester and let Panopto handle recording, streaming and uploading. They only had to turn it on and off.

If you already find it interesting to try out Panopto, you can contact us and try it out for yourself.