From Scattered to Scale — How the University of Arizona Manages 2TB of Lecture Capture Video Every Week

By 26. juni 2015Nyheder

More than a quarter million hours — that’s how much time students at the University of Arizona collectively spent watching recorded lectures, flipped classroom presentations, and other academic video just in the last year.

university of arizona case study blog document thumbnail 600x776 a 232x300 From Scattered to Scale — How the University of Arizona Manages 2TB of Lecture Capture Video Every WeekTwo terabytes — that’s the total size of the video files UA faculty and staff produce every single week as they work to create the best learning environment for the institution’s 42,000 students.

But it wasn’t always this way. In fact, just a short time ago, the University of Arizona was like many other institutions when it came to supporting lecture capture and academic video — different departments experimenting with different solutions to support different objectives, and all still looking for a better way to support and engage their students.

Recognizing both the rising interest from faculty, as well as the potential value for students, Arizona’s Office of the CIO sought to find a better solution for taking lecture recording campus-wide. The team soon found Panopto — a flexible video platform that made it possible to record, stream, and share video with ease, in a software-based solution that was far easier to manage and far more affordable than the old web of departmental deployments.

With Panopto integrated into the university’s multiple LMSs, rolled out to the more than 300 classrooms across campus, and available to all faculty and students to install on their computers, the University of Arizona has harnessed the full potential of video as a tool for learning — creating an essential resource and invaluable study aid that both students and faculty have quickly come to rely on in numbers.

To learn more about how one of the nation’s largest universities is leveraging Panopto’s video content management system to power over 2TB of video lecture capture each week, download your free copy of the University of Arizona case study today.


This article was originally published on Panopto’s blog