Sales training through E-learning

Have you considered using video as part of your E-learning courses for sales training and onboarding of partners? Video is a strong communication tool for in-house sales courses and training of sales people as well as partners. If you need to inform many people at the same time, or if you are repeatedly having sales courses for employees, video is a strong tool along with the face-to-face training.  

Onboarding of new sales employees takes more than three months on average. Changing to online sales training has reduced the time spent on training by 35% – in which you can get your salespeople into the field quicker in order to sell. Read more about onboarding using video.


Efficient, agile and consistent sales training using video

Make the sales training more efficient by using video as part of the E-learning programme and train new salespeople more consistently. You can scale agile sales training with a video solution to sales representatives located all around the world. Customers expect that your salespeople understand product details, prices and support plans. Every time you change a feature, function or policy, customers expect your salespeople to be oriented. Use video to make it easier for you to create agile sales training – and to demonstrate to your team how every single detail works. 

Try Panopto as a E-learning platform

Coach your salespeople with great consistency and scale up your sales training programmes with a video solution. Panopto makes it easy to record videos and ensure that your sales training is updated. Distribute videos in a searchable video library, in order for salespeople both on-demand and with mobile or computer access can get updated information. Using a high-end video solution such as Panopto, you can coach your salespeople or partners in the field or the office effectively and cost-consciously. Sales training becomes more efficient with a video solution.

Make sales presentations more vivid with Panopto

Powerpoint slides and having a presentation ready on a tablet is a good tool for salespeople to have, when they are out in the field. However, if you wish that your salespeople would stand out from the crowd, then you may want to consider going down a new road?

Slides from a Powerpoint can be sort of a poor experience. Use Panopto as a E-learning platform instead. With Panopto your salespeople can record and share sales material, in order for it to be shown, as it should be experienced – including every visual detail and animation in cinematic HD. They can skip slides, add product demonstrations, show recorded customer statements, detailed examinations and all other kinds of things. Moreover, they can do this from their computer or tablet by only a few clicks.

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Integration with CRM

With the right video solution you do not need to manually log every sales call. Record a call using your smartphone and apply a video platform like Panotpo to add it to the customer’s account in Salesforce or another CRM.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is not designed to handle videos – Panopto is. Moreover, Panopto entails a series of integrations with systems like Sharepoint, Cornerstone, Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace, SABA, Blackboard and SAP SuccessFactors. Read more about integrations on 

Oracle has enjoyed on-demand video as a way to energise sales kickoff meetings instead of spending time and energy organising an annual F2F event for the entire international salesforce. Moreover, they have saved 10 million $ due to this restructuring  (Forbes)