Use of video in businesses

Video is an important and highly illustrative communication tool. In today’s digital world, video solutions are often an integrated part of the education and training methods in businesses. At Viducon, we are marketing a series of video solutions, which can be applied as communication tools for onboarding, corporate communication, online employee training and sales training. All videos should be hosted together in a joined and secure video library, which is easily accessible for educators and employees. Having a platform for sharing and distributing videos along with a searchable option in the database (VCMS solution), optimizes the opportunities for a business to share knowledge across teams and departments. 

In the pages, you can read more about various user scenarios including video for onboarding, video for employee training and more.

Videodokumentation af intern viden


Onboarding of employees can be a long process, which takes time and resources for a company. Video solutions can optimize and make the onboarding process more efficient.

Corporate video library

 A corporate video library makes it easier for employees to retain and share important know-how across departments or in a project group.


Online employee training

Video solutions can help boost employee training in a business, as videos are constantly available online and can be displayed several times.


Sales training

Video is a strong tool during onboarding of employees or as an internal training tool. Use video for sales courses or when presenting sales figures.