on boarding

Efficient on boarding

By using video as an integral part of on boarding, the process becomes more efficient for each employee. Record videos for new employees to see before their first day. Thereby, you can spend more time together with new employees answering their questions and possible doubts. You can also make targeted videos for the different business units. As an example, the purchasing department makes brief introduction videos for the application of SAP, or the marketing department makes a video introducing brand guidelines of the company.

Create a video library consisting of videos for employees with tutorials and best practices. 

Make videos that:

  • Introduce your corporate culture
  • Show presentations from the different departments
  • Introduce new systems 
  • Make screen recordings
  • Show introductions from the management

With online on boarding employees can watch or replay videos in order to find answers to their specific questions and help themselves learn faster. Also, a new employee would not have to bother others with so many questions, which can benefit the efficiency.

Panopto is a video platform and ideal solution for on boarding of employees especially in large companies. For smaller companies, Swivl will be ideal for on boarding of new employees.

on boarding

Use video for on boarding

In the video from MaxRank, their new HR Director introduces new employees to topics such as pension, insurance, bonus systems, salary system, leave etc. 

The benefit is that employees can replay a video, whenever he or she wants to. If the business has a searchable VCMS solution, you can easily find the information you are looking for. This makes the on boarding process more flexible – and important know-how becomes easily accessible. 

Record – upload – search the entire video archive on spoken and written words with solutions like Panopto.

Optimize the budget for on boarding

Searchable videos can reduce costs in connection to on boarding, as new employees get up to speed faster, when he or she has watched on boarding videos in advance. Thereby, new employees in the on boarding process can focus their time in the office on socializing with colleagues and asking questions. Moreover, the use of video for on boarding can help a new employee get started doing work-related tasks.

Using video for on boarding is also a way to release resources, as new employees do not need to disturb their colleagues with basic “how to” questions. 

Application of video based training as a supplement for the mandatory training, can reduce costs by 50-70% annually. Digital learning using video also increases the efficiency and value on the bottom line for a business.

on boarding
on boarding

Make new employees confident using a video library

Imagine a video library which is available for your employees to find answers to their questions! By visiting a safe and closed corporate library, they can search for what they need to know. An internal video library does not only make the on boarding process more efficient, but it is also a way to increase the general sharing of know-how internally in the organization.

In Panopto, you can edit and adjust the folders in your video library for new employees. They may contain training videos, tutorials, best practices, screen recordings and “how to” guides. New employees can easily search for the information they are missing in the video library.