Video in technology companies

Updates and adjustments often occur in tech companies and unique knowledge tends to reside with specific employees. If you want to make sure that all employees are updated and retain knowledge internally in the organization, it can be an advantage to apply video material to knowledge sharing and retention. Video can display and illustrate specific details and help to make sure that employees are quickly trained, as they can easily access unique know-how.

With a video platform like Panopto, it is easy for employees to record, see and share videos internally in the organization, so that knowledge, experience and technical know-how are not lost. The videos are saved internally in a video library, which can be accessed as a part of an onboarding process or employee training. Thereby, tech companies and other organizations can save time and resources, which can be of great advantage in a dynamic work environment. 

See also Qualcomm case study (in Danish).

Corporate video library

In a searchable, corporate video library, internal knowledge is stored safely in the business. The advantage is that everyone can upload and share their videos with one or more employees and thereby increase the internal knowledge sharing.



Onboarding of new employees can be time demanding. By using video the process becomes more efficient, which means that a new employee is trained more efficiently and the time spent on physical onboarding is spent more optimally. 

Employee training

Video solutions can help strengthen employee training, as videos are constantly accessible online and can thereby be watched or replayed. This can make your employee training more efficient.

Video solutions

Using intelligent video solutions, employees can easily make screen and video recordings, edit and distribute content for employee training and onboarding. All videos can be saved in a business’ corporate video library.  

Efficient onboarding and employee training

With a user-friendly video platform, employees can quickly find important information by using a searchable video library in order for them to focus on what they are experts on. A searchable video library is both a benefit for current and new employees. 

Complex details in relation to products and services can be challenging to remember as a new employee, or if you have participated in a complex course, in which you had to comprehend new knowledge. Video based onboarding and employee training is scalable and flexible. It works as a supplement for the physical education such as participants can see a ‘basic product course’ in advance, in order for them to meet up and focus on networking with colleagues and can ask more detailed questions.

With a safe and closed video platform such as Panopto, it is possible to record a video fast and easily. Panopto works as a safe and closed VCMS solution, in which access is easily administered. The video platform provides safety at all levels of streaming and storage. The video platform ensures safety at multiple levels for streaming and storage. Only authorized users can see videos and your data is safe both at a stagnant stage and during transportation. Panopto ensures that videos with support of multiple legitimation types including OAuth, SAML 2.0, Active Directory and a number of LMS ID suppliers. Panopto’s single-sign on (SSO) supports two-way synchronization and legitimation information, which ensures that user information is always up to date.

Record meetings and share technical know-how

If a team is spread across multiple locations, lands and time zones, internal communication can be an obstacle. When technical mistakes and changes occur, it can have massive consequences, and instant action is needed. In some situations, it can make sense to record meetings, in order for everyone to be updated on what has happened most recently and thereby quickly be up to speed on the next subsequent work day.

An integration between Teams and Panopto makes it easy to record and upload meetings in a central and safe video library, and all types of video are indexed and searchable. Thereby, you can quickly find or re-visit important passages through ASR and OCR. You may search for both written (PowerPoints and more) and spoken words in 20 different languages.

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A new focus area at TUR Forlag is education at a distance, and in this context, Viducon has been a strong advising partner. Our educational materials have  for the transport industry have been very visual, which makes video an essential element. In this regard, Viducon and Panopto have been strong partners.

Ole Bülow Hartvigsen, E-Learning Consultant, TUR Forlag

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