Production and industrial companies benefit greatly from knowledge sharing with video, as well as using video for employee training. Video has a unique level of detail and is a powerful tool in relation to communicating information about production techniques, security and much more. Therefore, video can be used to advantage for instructions and training in machine safety training and certification.

A company like Rockwool works with confidential and high-tech production. Here, for example, videos are used for onboarding and videos recorded with several camera angles. This makes it much easier to train employees abroad in how, for example, machines are to be operated. Also composition of specific components, operation of tools or illustration of mixing ratios can be advantageously illustrated via video.

Own set-up or assisted recording

It is advantageous to make a permanent AV installation, where cameras and microphones are installed as a permanent installation in a room; and record with a video platform such as Panopto. We can help you set up a permanent meeting room or a factory hall for the purpose. For more complicated set-ups, e.g. with 5 inputs, we also assist companies with the recordings, and have the equipment so that we can ensure you a professional recording, where both light, sound and image play together. If your organization already has a high-end video solution like Panopto, we can use it to our advantage, as such a platform can display 5 different inputs in one and the same view.

Video solutions

With intelligent video solutions, employees and trainers can easily create screen and video recordings, edit and distribute content for employee training and onboarding. All videos are securely stored in the company’s video library.


Onboarding new employees is a resource and time consuming. By using video, the process can be streamlined. This saves money, but more importantly – new employees get faster and trained and educated.

Employee training

Employee training and education are essential for improving current and new employees. Recording the company’s internal knowledge is a valuable tool that can help streamline the education and training of employees.

Corporate video library

With a secure corporate video library, your organization can store internal knowledge internally. Anyone can upload and share their videos, with one or more employees, in order to optimize internal knowledge sharing.

Safe work enviroment – interactive training

Discover new ways to teach employees safety in workplaces and construction sites with video. With a video platform like Hihaho, it suddenly becomes easy and intuitive to make interactive video yourself. You can easily use existing video recordings, or you can record new ones easily and quickly with your mobile phone.

Insert questions, quizzes, ‘jump to’, ‘skip’, information, text, zoom, scroll and highlight. By making teaching in a safe work environment interesting and interactive, you as an employer have the opportunity to create more commitment and closeness. The younger generation deals with video and interactive media on a daily basis, so by using modern video methods, important messages can be reached for this target group.

From spreadsheets to visible illustrations

Success in production depends on competencies and expertise, as much as on raw data. Video helps companies in production in a way that spreadsheets can not, because these can provide an objective view of the factual. Videos can highlight opportunities and offer a visual, engaging way to engage employees.

Certification and compliance

Certification and compliance can be demonstrated very illustratively via video. In industries where security is paramount, you can also use video for training and teaching, because it shows a completely different level of detail than written documents and PowerPoints. In such cases, video platforms like Panopto can be a really good tool because here it is possible to display up to 5 camera angles at once. It provides a level of detail for your communication and documentation that is completely unique.

See an example to the left from Conseil Offshore, where an employee completes training in the use of drill pipes. Notice how you see the physical demonstration, slides and presenter in one and the same view.


The collaboration with Viducon works exemplary. We have always been fully satisfied with the service we have received. There is always full support and if we have had problems they have always been there. Viducon is a full-service company, and we experience it as such.”

Mogens Heine Larsen, Department Manager, Group Technology, Rockwool

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