Video is used in all types of industries

Use video in all industries: for onboarding, training and education and experience how efficient video can be as a tool. Video is not merely a tool, which seeks to replace the valuable, face-to-face education. Rather, video should be an integral part of an organization’s digital learning strategy, which equips it for the future. Can you imagine that your employees had already seen important, basic information, before they showed up for a course? Then, they can spend time applying their knowledge, ask questions and begin actively learning. Do you have engineers in Italy, who need to learn how to manage a specific machine? Try using video for onboarding of the new employees. You can create detailed training videos, so you do not have to travel back and forth to train the employees. 

In all industries, the opportunities are infinite

A video platform like Panopto can also be easily used for corporate communication. Create live streaming of your next business update with one click for the entire organization. Share knowledge internally, and hold on to your organization’s valuable knowledge by building a secure and searchable library. In this way, you ensure that valuable and unique knowledge is not lost when an employee retires or changes jobs. Specific competencies benefit the entire organization. This is just the beginning! Once you start using video as part of your internal communication, onboarding and general strategy for knowledge sharing and knowledge retention, new doors open. You know your needs – we help you with the solutions. Find inspiration below for how video solutions optimize learning processes and resources on the specific industries.

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Video in finance and insurance industries

Video solutions are applied for digital learning, courses and introduction in the finance and insurance industries. Save resources, optimize and make your onboarding and education of employees more efficient across national border.

Video in building and construction industries

Security and certification are a high priority in the building and construction industries. Therefore, intelligent video solutions can help keep employees updates on rules, machinery and permissions.  

Video in Life Science industries

Apply video for onboarding or training in medical equipment as well as information on complex processes. Show more camera angles and demonstrate the equipment illustratively for partners and employees. 

Video in technology industries

In high tech businesses and IT companies, illustrations using video can be ideal to explain complex processes. Share screen, slides, speaker and multiple angles in one and the same view.