Efficient onboarding of employees

Onboarding of employees and training videos for partners and employees can be more efficient and increase your learning processes. A user-friendly video solution can benefit your business, as it can help you record and share instruction and “how to” videos with relevant stakeholders. Videos are beneficial for situations, in which it is impossible to be together in the same location and time frame. Moreover, a video is better at establishing contact and presence in comparison to a text document. Thereby, a company can create vivid demonstration videos and instruction videos for products or equipment. Employees can watch the videos several times if needed, which minimizes the risk of misunderstandings.

Find the best video solution

Video platforms such as Panopto or a camera robot in combination with a video platform like Swivl are efficient video solutions for employee training and instruction videos. The most suitable solution depends on the user scenarios and size of the business. 

In combination with a business LMS (Learning Management System) you can create a central video library for onboarding of employees and online employee training, in which partners and employees can watch. 

Onboarding of employees

Multiple views and camera angles

By filming from several camera angles, you get multiple views, which can be of great value for training and onboarding of employees within technical areas. The multiple views option allows for the viewer to choose the exact “view” she or he wants to see, in order to understand how to operate a machine for instance. Video can thus be a helpful tool for onboarding of  employees or online employee training.

The video to the left is a training of carrying out an echocardiography examination of a coronary patient. The lecturer has multiple camera angles on the equipment, while he himself is also in a view and the PowerPoint presentation is also showing. For complex setups we offer technical assistance, as one of our services.

See how to switch between 4 different camera angles and PowerPoint slides.

Flipped laboratory - training in details

It is of advantage to use a video platform for displaying settings and application of laboratory equipment, as the use of video allows for you to show the details up close. 

Make onboarding of employees easier

In this example a professor is demonstrating how you can apply a Leica Microscope. By using multiple camera angles, he can show exact details of the equipment. This makes the video multidimensional, more interactive and much more illustrative. With a video like this, onboarding of employees or employee training becomes an easier and more interesting process than e.g. to have to read about the details on text.

Watch the video in Panoptos viewer in order to get the full experience.

Sikkerhed og compliance træning

In high risk and knowledgeable industries it is advantageous to use a video solution. Video can be used for online employee training, onboarding of employees, training and recordings of certification for documentation and securing of compliance.

Details are often critical and by using a high-end video solution your employees can watch the videos again and again. In order to get the full experience – watch the video on Conseil Offshore Ltd. in Panoptos viewer.