Corporate Communications

Communicating effectively throughout an organization can be complex. Especially in big businesses, when employees are located in different countries and parts of the world working from various locations. Time zones and locations can be an obstacle for achieving a good workforce alignment. User-friendly video solutions are a useful tool for communicating, as employees can record and share videos, without the need for any IT specialists to get involved. Thereby, knowledge sharing with a video solution helps to streamline communication in a company.

Video solutions such as Panopto makes it possible to get started. All you need is a computer or phone with a camera. By means of only a few clicks, you will be able to produce live videos or recordings, share presentations, business updates and much more. Record while your CEO or VP’s are presenting and integrate their slides – then the audience gets to see who’s presenting, while also being able to look at the slides in the same view.  

Panopto synchronizes it all and makes it easy to edit and share. The programme manages all automatic formatting, so you can focus on the content. All videos are saved, can be shared and searched in as Panopto entails a searchable video platform. Moreover, the video library is available for any employee (that is, the employees who are granted access), at any given time and from anywhere in the world.

knowledge sharing
knowledge sharing

Make knowledge sharing flexible and scalable

If you are using an all-in-one video solution for video communication, you can create a more flexible and scalable flow of communication within your business. By using video as a mode of communication, you can improve the workforce alignment among employees and make knowledge sharing easier

A video platform makes it easy for managers and communication specialists to make video recordings of high quality – on demand as well as live streaming. In a video platform like Panopto, you can manage, who is granted access to the videos. Thereby, ensuring that specific employees obtain access to video material relevant to them. If you want to share your videos with a bigger audience, you can easily adjust the access permission and share the videos with more people. Hence, you obtain more flexibility with your communication material, when using a knowledge sharing video platform such as Panopto. 

Live stream, record and increase workforce alignment

You can create both on-demand videos and live stream by using a user-friendly all-in-one video platform. The advantage of a high end video solution is that you can record and save videos in a safe and centralized library, in which videos are automatically indexed and search optimized.

Video conference solutions such as Zoom and Teams are great tools for meetings in real time. However, you can also record these meetings and live stream, but video conference solutions cannot index the content. Indexing can help find specific topics and passages.

A user-friendly platform like Panopto can help record videos professionally and in high quality. With a single click, you can live stream and send business updates or important information through video for all employees in a business. Your CEO can sit in his or her office in front of a computer – and live stream directly to the organization. A searchable video platform can ultimately help ensure a high level of workforce alignment within your organization and ultimately benefit corporate communications. Knowledge sharing with video solutions such as Panopto can benefit both large and small companies.