Video in organization

Video is an effective tool to reach out to the whole organization. Today, video is used in increasingly and wider extent and it is one of the most sought out media. We are actually leaning more and more towards video instead of text, when we have to find information on the internet, share knowledge or something else. The use of video within organizations increases the productivity and is independent of time and place. Long introductions which cost both time and resources are nowadays going to be replaced by video. What should you consider when investing in a video platform? An organization which decides to invest in a VCM solution (Video Content Management) must take a look at the following factors, when the decision about which solution you are going to choose, has to be made:

1. A quick, user friendly and effective search engine, where you have the opportunity to search for tags, certain words are either to find as subtitle or speech (speak searching).
2. Administration (here the opportunity to share publically or privately).
3. Security (data security against loss of data).
4. Option to create a library (tags and metadata).
5. The video clips can be played both from PC, smartphones and tablets.
6. All recordings can be archived on both a local server or in the clouds.
7. Download or upload the clips from the server
8. Option to administer the user’s access to the recordings.
9. Editing of the clips in the actual program or app.
10. Supporting of different video formats.
11. Analyzing tools (including the option to see how many views there are per clip).

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Sales training and onboarding

Reduce educational costs, save time looking for information and make it possible to learn anywhere, anytime.

Panopto is the perfect video platform to support the sales organization. Panopto makes it possible for product managers and marketing departments to film and distribute product demos, training seminars and sales presentations, and to communicate business news in an easily digestible and engaging format.

Panopto is developed to make it easy for employees to get familiar with relevant processes regarding products and services. Video can also be used as an important part of onboarding programs, so that it is easier for new employees to get a hold on relevant information when they need it.


Video help your customer and employees

Engineers and product managers can, within a few minutes, record screencasts to marketing employees about a given product’s properties and features. Afterwards the marketing people can record presentations and demos, which strengthen the sellers in their activities.

”How-to” videos have exploded in popularity the last couple of years. Despite all of this, most of the supporters, whether they are helping colleagues or customers, are independent of FAQ’s and OSS’s filled with text content. Even though the purpose with a FAQ is to give the user as much information as possible before they call customer service, it often results in the text heavy documents being fully skipped.

With Panopto it is easy to make intuitive and user friendly video guides both to customers and employees in an easily digestible and easy available format. Whether it is customers who need help using your services, or it is employees who need to be trained in services or products, Panopto can support the production and distribution of the training videos.

Live events – share live events in your organization or with customers

Do you want to stream a webcast in HD for 10,000 people from your laptop? It is easy with Panopto.

Move your events online with a streaming solution which can be run from any computer, and works with everything from regular webcams to professional video cameras. With Panopto you can broadcast product launches, conferences, presentations and meetings to employees, partners or customers. Whether it is for internal use or external communication, it has never been easier to stream video.