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Panopto is an all-in-one video platform with a build-in recording program, which makes it possible for you to make screen and video recordings, stream live over the internet and administer a central video library in your organization. Panopto ensures an efficient way to organize the organizations’ information.

There are several advantages using the Panoptos video library:

  • Easy and safe storage of the information
  • Easily integrate Panopto with learning management systems or others (eg, SharePoint)
  • Recordings are saved automatically where you want it.
  • Panopto supports OCR (optical character recognition) and ASR (Automatic Speech Regognition). Everything written, everything said and all materials associated with the recording is made searchable.

You are thus ensured an effective solution that supports both streaming, video recording, retrieving and organizing.

The possibilities ensure that the right people get the information they need.

  • You can always add notes to the video to mark the places you find relevant. Make either a personal note or share your note with others.
  • Create groups in the system and share information with specific people
  • Add subtitles to the videos. For English, Panopto supports automatic subtitles.

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